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Yesterday while I was sitting in a line of cars at a stop light this idiot ran right into the back of my brand new car. This was my first car vs car accident and I swear, it took me about 15 seconds to comprehend what had happened. Once I did, I got out of my car to survey what I was expecting to be extensive damage. Despite the guy’s protest, I called the police which enraged him. Remember now, he ran into me.

I had a million other very important things to do but it was his actual belligerence that forced me sit the half hour while I waited for Hartford and West Hartford to figure out whose jurisdiction I was actually in. West Hartford won the honors.

While the guy “carried on,” along with a string of drivers, a University of Connecticut campus police officer drove up to me and encouraged me to wait for the police. So I waited and instead of arguing with the guy or listening any further to his tirade, I drowned him out and got lost in my own thoughts. That’s when it dawned on me that I have spent the entire summer thus far tethered to other people’s projects. In the process, I have neglected my blog (couldn’t even remember my login), I have neglected my family and worse of all I also neglected my home.

I was on the road because I was grabbing a quick bite before heading to another late evening meeting for the campaign that I have been working on. Now I have to face a deductible with my insurance company, West Hartford police and the idiot who didn’t let up from his verbal assault until the police finally showed up.

I would later find out from the police that the collision only resulted in a scratch and a barely visible cracked bumper. I felt lucky that the damage was minimal but saddened about the circumstances which led to the accident and how much other actual important stuff I had neglected because of those very circumstances. To make a long story short, please consider this advice:

1) In all things, put yourself FIRST.
2) Remain loyal only to the people who value and respect you. It’s usually family and close friends.
3) If an activity does not benefit or enhance what you are doing now nor will it add value to anything that you have planned in the near future, leave it alone.

XoXo, Natasha

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Exercising has never been high on my list of favorite physical activities.  The effort, the sweating, the trigger of my asthma, and not to forget bore.  To stay fit, I’ve tried to be more careful about what I eat, increasing my water intake and by also taking the stairs in my parking garage vs. the more convenient elevator.  This has helped to keep my weight at or around the 170 lb mark, but it’s not doing much to firm and tone the muscles in my problematic areas. Continue Reading –>


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I didn’t realize that I had dry skin in my eye area until I tried contouring and highlighting using concealer and setting powder. Both left my skin feeling irritated and tight. However, I think I have found a really great regimen to help improve dry skin under the eyes. I’ve incorporated all three of the following products which seems to be working really well for me. Continue Reading –>


Peter Som for DesigNation Solid Eyelet Dress

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REVIEW: BA Star Tropical Eye Shadow Palette

July 3, 2014

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This Summer Hydrate Your Skin With the Aloe Source

July 2, 2014

PRESS SAMPLES I wanted to introduce to you The Aloe Source a new aloe vera-based line for your inner health and outer beauty. The paraben-free line contains twenty products for face care and body care, plus an aloe vera juice drink so you can experience the full benefits of stabilized aloe vera products both internally and externally.

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

June 30, 2014

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