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Red, White and Blue shoes to swoon over this Thursday

Ok, say it with me… SPLURGE! Women of America…and the world, I am not sure about you, but my budget does not allow for anything this pricey.  This Gianmarco Lorenzi Peep toe beauty will set you back $1,045.00.  This one is rated WICKED!!!!  I would wear this to an evening function where wine and fancy cheese and crackers are served.

Red, White and Blue Gian


Ahhhh…  Jeffrey Campbell’s! *clapping hands*  I love his shoes!  They are always fly but always HIGH and I am not talking about the prices.  If my  ankles were strong enough to walk in them, I would own more than a pair.   This one is rated MAAD!!! and will only set you back $144.00   I would wear this with a short dress like any of the three pictured here.  I believe this one is the Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

Jeffrey Campbell

I am so proud of Jessica Simpson.  I don’t understand how people arrived at such erroneous conclusions about her intellect after her buffalo and chicken of the sea comments.  Now look at that, the former Mrs. Lachey is the shoe maverick.

I actually like her shoes.  They are affordable and as the proud owner of the Jessica Simpson, Jessica’s I can I attest to the fact that they are not only stylish, but that they are also well constructed and not so painful on the feet… Well, when you wear your correct size… and when you wear one of those footsie things… or keep your feet well moisturized.  This Jessica Simpson Edgewood will only set you back $70.  I have a similar style that I purchased recently through JustFab.  I plan to wear mine with capri’s.  I think the red harem pants pictured below would be perfect also.   These shoes are high.  I mean so high, when I put mine on, I can see over my refrigerator.  I wouldn’t suggest wearing these to a party, unless you plan to hold up the wall or dance from your chair the entire night. This is a great shoe to wear out on a dinner date.  It elongates the leg…yadda, yadda..yadda!  I rate this one WAY SEXY!!!

Jessica Simpson

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  1. If you’re reading this, you’re all set, pranedr!

  2. Dont forget heels push up the ass….ets.