How to Wear Jeans to Work: Part 1

This is part 1 of a 2 part post.  I have the privilege to wear jeans to my job on Fridays.  It’s one of my firm’s many perks and I love it because it helps to usher the weekend in.  (Well, in my mind it does).  However, there are clearly some abusers of this perk at the firm.  From what I have seen, some people are mistaking blue jeans Friday for seriously really sloppy as hell Friday.

According to all of the style experts, this is the proper way to wear denim to a professional working environment.  Please note that the pants is the only thing that can be considered casual.  I could have easily swapped out another bottom that would have worked well with the jacket and blouse combination.  In Monday’s post, I lose the jacket, change the shoes and bring more of an evening vibe to this very same outfit.  I’ll let you know what I am wearing then and where I got it.

Photos by: Robert Cooper



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