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I so want these SS12 Rodarte dresses


The 36 piece collection from yesterday’s SS12 Rodarte show was, AMAZING!!!  According to Womens Wear Daily (WWD), the collection was inspired by famed post impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh.  Yes, there was starry night and even sunflower printed dresses sashaying down the NYFW runway.  The entire collection is pretty, feminine, bright, spring, magical and totally my style.   I am especially feeling the green tops from the second and last photos.  I think both of them would go nice with black skinny jeans and yellow heels.  The pairing of the lime green top with the lavender skirt in the second photo is so retro 80’s *loud gasp* (totally aging myself) and unexpected but it’s wicked mi a tell yuh!  This was my top 5 picks and pieces that I would actually wear.  Happy swooning y’all!!!


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