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90-Year-Ol​d Iris Apfel for MAC Cosmetics

Everyone give a big clap to MAC for collaborating with 90-year-old style icon Iris Apfel.  I think that this is a bold and powerful step for MAC.  The bright and colorful 20-piece collection, set to debut in January, includes hues named after birds such as:  Toco Toucan, Pink Pigeon, Diamond Dove and Scarlet Ibis.

It’s so wonderful to see fashion brands recognizing women of a certain age.  Personally, although they are fly, I am a little tired of seeing just the Gossip Girl types covering every magazine and display ads.  By collaborating and also using Apfel in the promotion, I hope this is a sign that brands are finally recognizing that women over 40 and way beyond are still interested in beauty and fashion.

Here is a preview of the collection:

Iris Apfel for M.A.C small eyeshadows ($38), Opulash Mascara ($34), and Impeccable Brow Pencil ($38).
The Iris Apfel for M.A.C lipsticks ($40) and lip pencils ($36)


Iris Apfel for M.A.C Beauty Powder in peachy cream ‘Too Chic’ ($52), and nail colours ($26).


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