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Add Color To Your Wardrobe This Winter

After getting bored with the grays, browns and black bottoms that were dominating my wardrobe, I started my color bottom collection by adding these coral red pants.  Most conservative people tend to reserve their colorful pieces for the summer.  However, just because the weather is cold and nasty outside it doesn’t mean that  you have to aggravate your SAD by hiding in dark and neutral colored clothing.  To hell with the rules, bring out the color!

Add color to your wardrobe by bringing in colorful accessories like bangles, purses and scarves. Next, add a few colorful tops to your wardrobe.  If you already have colorful tops then work on adding color rich skirts, trousers and denim.  And don’t say you are afraid to wear color or that you aren’t sure which tones would suit your complexion.  Unlike makeup, there is no “right” color palette when it comes to clothes.  Just wear it and wear it with confidence.

For more color inspiration, check out the personal styles of bloggers Jeeda, (Wisconsin) Beth (California) Folake (California) Mis Papelicos, Tavia (Washington DC/Baltimore) and Maria (New York City) .

I am wearing:
Chambray shirt bought from Marshalls (Similar here)
Red Inc. denim bought from Macys (Similar here)

Photos by: Robert Cooper

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  1. You inspired me to do a denim shirt fashion-blogger story for the Huffington Post. Do you want to be in it? Email me at wbjewelry at hotmail dot com.

  2. Hooray for color! I completley agree as it is NOT reserved just for the summer. I love how the fashion world is rocking some awesome color this winter! And speaking of “rockin’ “, you are seriously ROCKIN’ those red pants girl! 😉

  3. This is great. Blue and red is probably my favorite color combo! Hmmm. Pink and orange is close though!

    • Thanks Wendy. You know, I scored some orange pants lately and I’ve been pondering what to wear with them. I actually have a salmon pink button down that I am going to try them with. Thanks for the advice.. (-:

  4. That’s damn right! I cannot get enough of color, in fact, I am compensating my recent neutral obsession (lasting two days only) with a blast of color today. I think color definitely lightens the mood of drab ole winter. Lovely look dear!