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The Choice Is Yours: Jeffrey Campbell’s Strung

There seems to be an explosion of Jeffrey Campbell shoes on the internet and on the streets of lately. His shoes makes such strong fashion statements that it’s hard to resist the temptation to splurge your rent/mortgage/student loan/car payment/child support money into one of his fabulous creations. However, before you put yourself into financial jeopardy check, out the comparable look for less. Both options have fringe, is in a wonderful cool color, platform base and are super stylish. You can get this (cheap comparable version available on GoJane.com) or you can get that (Jeffrey Campbell Strung available on SoleStruck.com for $200.00 more).The choice is yours:

You can get this:

Or you can get that:

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  1. Although both shoes are hot , I am a girl who has a hard time spending that much on a pair of shoes. I may do so once is a blue moon but for the most part get me inexpensive version please & thank you. Do dah dipity! 🙂