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What I Wore This Past Weekend

These harem pants were purchased sometime early last year from H&M and have been sitting at the back of my closet, forgotten, until this past weekend.  I paired them with a white v-neck t-shirt, animal print scarf (for visual interest), my old brown leather jacket (maybe more than 10 years old) and my Jeffrey Campbell’s and wore this outfit to a condo board meeting on Saturday.  I know harem pants were meant to have a looser fit, but I actually love the fact that these were a little snug.

BTW, I still get a lot of questions and reactions on my Jeffrey Campbell’s.  My Dad saw me in them for the first time a few weeks ago and asked “dem deh still a wear?”  I guess it took him back to the 70’s when platforms were all the rage. The two most popular questions I get are  “how do you walk in those” and “how much did you pay?”   They are platforms, so they are actually not difficult to walk in.  (I spent an entire day in NYC wearing these).  As for the cost, these are not the Litas, they are the Solvangs and I was lucky enough to find these online for less than $100.00 last summer.   GoJane.com (see here and here) and Lulus.com (see here) has a similar look for less than $50.

For those of you who are fascinated with the clog boots (fyi, Jeffrey Campbell is the original clog style boot), here is a slide show of Litas for you to swoon over this Monday.




My Photos were taken by: Ossie Channer

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  1. Cute look Natasha…casual chic love it!

  2. Platforms are definately it. I have to be doing flats for the past four months cause I damaged my knee wearing super tall heels that had super thin soles. That means I was practically walking on tippy toes all day which is unnatural. now i gotta pay the price

    • My girl a dat a gwaan fi yuh? Mi neva know. (lol, just kidding) I have some ankle issues myself. I find that the Platforms with the chunky heels work. Platforms with this miniscule heels not so much.

  3. You look FAB my dear! Those JC’s are HOT!!! Love those pictures too 🙂


  4. I have longed for a pair of J.C.’s for a long time, I LOVE yours and these spiked ones as well. But I can see how people would ask how you walk in them (especially the ones without a heel!). I love your harem pants. I have been too afraid to try them myself, but these are great on you!

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