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African Tribal Print Circle Skirt with Leather Vest

I received two marriage proposals within half an hour of stepping outside my house in this outfit.  The first was from an overly persistent fellow that I made the mistake of flashing a smile to while I was waiting for the meat guy at my local supermarket.  After escaping him with my number and name intact, I bumped into thing 2 when I stopped to pick up my order of shrimp fried rice.   Thing 2’s strategy was to strike up a conversation with me by pointing out that my skirt was not authentically African.  Yeah, dude, I saw the big ass Forever 21 tag on the back panel of the skirt when I was putting it on.  Just as the cashier handed me the stapled brown paper Thing 2 asked “Are you single” he continued “because I would like for you to be my wife.” I don’t think it was my outfit this time, I think I just happened to be outside on hunting day.

I achieved this ethnic chic look by balancing the tribal-print skirt with my faux black leather vest.   To complete this look, I went for my favorite metal pieces in lieu of wooden ones that would have made the look too literal.

I am wearing:

Vest: Faux black leather vest

Skirt: African tribal print circle skirt from Forever 21

Accessories: Green leather fan earrings purchased from the Twist and Curves Natural Hair salon in West Hartford, CT(similar here).

Silver knuckle ring (similar here)

Invicta Women’s 5377 Square Angel Diamond Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch  (Available here)

Robert Cooper took these photos

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. I am cracking up at this story. Thing 2 and the Forever 21 tag is hilarious! Well, you are looking right gorgeous and I can understand the attention.

    I gave you an award. It is on my blog. 🙂


  2. Gorgeous, this is such a stunning outfit. The use of colour is perfect. It’s fantastic to see this much colour in an outfit.

  3. O African Queen lady of th Nile in so much colors there will always be a knight in your shining armor smile

  4. Love this skirt! And paired with the faux leather, it’s so modern. No wonder why you had marriage proposals!

  5. I’m not surprised either! You look so gorgeous and very ethnic chic! I love the skirt and earrings!

  6. You are beautiful Cuz! I’m not surprised by the attention you get. Love the outfit!!!!!