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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had to dig into my archives to retrieve these images but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day.

If you are single, celebrate Valentine’s Day by loving yourself.  There is nothing weird, wrong or creepy about self love.  For my female readers who are in heterosexual relationships, I just want to share these words of wisdom that came across my private FaceBook page.

“Every woman deserves a man who calls her baby, kisses her like he means it, holds her like he never wants to let her go, doesn’t cheat or lie, wipes her tears when she cries, doesn’t make her jealous of other women, instead makes other women jealous of her, is not scared to let his friends know how he really feels about her, and lets her know how much he really loves her.” Author and source unknown

For everyone else, make sure the person you love, loves you.

I am wearing

Dress: Vintage red dress bought on eBay.  (Similar White House Black Market)

Boots: Lucky Brand ankle boots. (Similar here)

The original post can be found (here)

XoXo, Natasha

These Photos were taken by Ossie Channer

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

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  1. Gorgeous red dress! Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

  2. Hi! I found your blog by participating in the recent BDIB Challenge. Love how you styled your red. Cute blog!! Please visit mine if you get the chance. Have a wonderful day!!


  3. Lady in Red just right

  4. I love how you included several different red looks here! Looking good girl. Love the red dress. 🙂

  5. Loving the red dress! This year my fiance and I decided not to celebrate Valentines Day because we are saving for so many expenses this year and we made a mutual decision. But now, at the end of the day I kind of miss celebrating Valentines Day. I think next year we will probably be back to celebrating it again. I hope you had a good day,


  6. Amen. I don’t celebrate V Day actually, but these are good rules to live by! You look gorgeous in this red dress Natasha! Enjoy your day tomorrow!