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Twitter Hashtags for #Fashion and #BeautyBloggers

For someone who mastered MySpace, Hi5 (remember them) and FaceBook relatively quickly, I am having a difficult time grasping Twitter. At one point, I was ready to throw the towel in on this social networking platform because, except for my follow Friday shout outs (#FF or #FollowFriday) no-one responded to my tweets, nothing showed up in google analytics to support the wide held assertion that twitter was effective in bringing traffic to my site and worst of all, my following held steady at 140 followers for about 9 months.

Unlike other #SocialMedia platforms, Twitter is more of a text based system and success is determined by your online personae. If you don’t say something that will grab the interest and attention of your followers, you better believe that there will be no follow through on your linked tweets or responses.  This was my reality until I accidentally stumbled on one of those Monday night Twitter parties/chats.  My inner nerd beckons me all of the time to listen in on, read, participate or learn technology that has no relevance to anything that I do now. Those bits and pieces of information come in handy from time to time though and it was a “bit” of some of that information that I tweeted as a “btw” during this chat that introduced me to the power of #hashtags. My tweet didn’t land in a blackhole. By including the chat hashtag I was able to connect with others who had the same interest as me and finally, there was engagement (people in the land of #SocialMedia use this word a lot).

I think I gained 10 followers after that discussion closed. The next day, the followers kept coming. After months of stagnation, my following finally started to grow. I would love to tell you that in the last 6 weeks I suddenly gained 1000’s of followers, but I have not. I’m however closer to 300 followers which was my original 6 month goal. However, there are people on Twitter who I engage with now on a regular basis and I am grateful for this more so than anything else because in addition to growing my followers, I landed in a circle of some pretty technologically savvy bloggers.

I am hoping that I will find the same success in support of my blog by increasing my use of hashtags to help others who are currently not on my follower list to find me…and maybe ultimately, follow me.

I took a look at the big name tweeters in the #FashionIndustry and took note of the hashtags that they were using and came up with the following:

By the way, before we get into the list, here are few tips:

  • Don’t try to trick people into following you by using popular hashtags that are not relevant to your brand or message. (i.e. #Bieber #MeganFox #Beckham #Twilight)
  • Don’t use hashtags in a tweet that you are sending directly to a person. (i.e. #imjustsaying #wtf #holler #deading #ohgosh) Hashtags serve an actual purpose. It’s not just something to use just because.  For instance I notice someone used the hashtag #Icantwait in a tweet that they sent out regarding an upcoming event.  I mean, really?
  • I don’t see why this matters, but the recommendation is that we place the hashtags at the end of our messages instead of at the beginning or inline.
  • The following hashtags are popular and relevant, but are too vague and therefore might not be effective if you use them alone  (i.e. #blog, #fashion, #style, #shoe, #beauty, #nails, #outfit #glam #couture #fab #fabulous #wedge #pastels )
  1. Use when you are introducing your new #BlogPost:
  • #TodayImWearing
  • #WIWT
  • #BlogPost
  • #OutfitPost

Example: New #outfitpost, #wiwt Snake Print Skirt and Cable Knit Sweater [url here]

2. Use to help categorize your #BlogPost:

  • #StreetStyle
  • #LookForLess
  • #Thrifting
  • #StatementNecklace
  • #WorkWear
  • #ColorBlock
  • #CasualWear
  • #Denim

Example: New #OutfitPost, #WIWT Snake Print Skirt and Cable Knit Sweater [url here] #LookForLess

3. Use when you are tweeting about a niche subject:

  • #AfricanFashion
  • #NaturalHair
  • #EcoFashion
  • #EcoStyle
  • #BudgetFashion
  • #Frugalista
  • #BodyImage
  • #VintageFashion
  • #BeautyBlogger
  • #bbloggers
  • #MommyBloggers
  • #MensFashion

Example: Check out this great article by #fashionblogger [insert blogger name here] [url here] #BodyImage

4.  Use when you are bigging up your other blog friends

  • #StyleBlog
  • #FashionBlog
  • #FashionBlogger

Example: [Insert blogger name here] WOWS in this denim jumpsuit [url here] #FashionBlogger

5.  Use when you want to share fashion industry specific news:

  • #FashionNews
  • #FashionIndustry

Example: [Insert publication/site/blog here] publishes best dressed list for 2012 #Oscars [url here] #FashionNews

6.  For shameless blog-promotion:

  • #StyleBlog
  • #PersonalStyle
  • #FashionBlog

Example: Hey, come check out my fabulous #StyleBlog [url here], #FashionBlog #PersonalStyle

7.  When attending #FashionIndustry events:

  • #StateofStyle
  • #BNOnyc
  • #IFBCon
  • #LuckyFabb
  • #FNO
  • #NYFW
  • #SheCon
  • #Blissdom
  • #BloggingWhileBrown

Example: Just arrived at the #BNOnyc and the crowd here is insane!

8.  Use for #BlogPosts that helps other #Bloggers

  • #MiscellaneousBlogTips
  • #BloggingTips
  • #SavvyBlogging
  • #Wordpress
  • #SocialMedia

Example: Natasha has a great post on the best hashtags for #fashion and #bbloggers [url] #SavvyBlogging, #TwitterTips

9. When participating in chats

  • #StyleChat
  • #BlogTrends

Example: A2 @Pinterest, @Twitter @Facebook are the 3 best #SocialMedia tools for my needs. #BlogTrends
In conclusion, using hashtags allows us to categorize tweets and to make them more searchable. This allows me and others to find tweets that are relevant to me.

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Thank you for sharing these great hashtag tips. I found them very helpful. Definitely on my reference list from now on!

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  7. Thank you for posting this!! I am in the same boat you were in. I have had the hardest time figuring out hashtags. It makes me feel so old, haha. This post is incredibly useful!

  8. Awesome article!! Love how you broke it down to so many details, all very useful. Social media is THE way to promote these days, and to really get the word out. Why else would last year’s fall fashion week rely on social media to promote itself? I wrote about it too, check it out! They should’ve picked up tips from you too!

  9. I think my response disappeared…. Well I was saying that this was helpful, especially for someone like me who is still learning Twitter.

    Thanks for the Twitter shout out! You have been one of my biggest supporters and look out for me and I appreciate it!

    Hugs and blog love!


  10. Teach that thing Natasha!! Because one like me is still trying to learn the twitter world. Thank you for the Twitter shout out. You have been one my biggest supporters and it is very much appreciated!

    Hugs and blog love!


  11. Excellent tips for those who are seeking to grow their reach on Twitter! It can seem very confusing to those who’ve never used it, especially getting the whole hashtag concept. I’ve actually tried to explain this to people who aren’t on Twitter and they looked at me like I had three heads!

    • Hey Vahni, I swear twitter and wordpress is responsible for all of my gray hairs. I am glad to know that I am not the only confused person. I sincerely hope that other bloggers, especially newbie bloggers will find this post helpful.

  12. Thanks. That was really informative. I’ve been trying to figure out the Twitter thing for the longest!