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Stalking the Shoes of Dancehall’s Slaves of Fashion

In lieu of my regular Monday high/low shoes feature I wanted to share these images that I’ve been collecting from Connecticut based photographer, Robert Cooper for the last several months.  Robert, who is also my photographer, has carved a niche in the reggae dancehall community with his photographs.  Dancehall people have always had their own distinct and unique style and of  the hundreds of images, the following are the most unique and fashion forward.

These photos were taken by Robert Cooper
XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Cellulite, rough skin, corns and ugly toes!! YUCK

  2. I love shoes n these are gorgeous, my sister’s shoes made it three times

  3. Bu@#o c!**+!!!!!!!! Maaaaawwwwdddddd!

  4. what is this all about can yu fill me in