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The Choice Is Yours: Purple Crocodile

I am a little surprised at just how expensive crocodile accessories are.  Last year I came across this  New Without Tags (NWOT) faux purple-croc pouch on eBay.  I could tell that the sellers were desperate to get rid of it and to help them out, I submitted a “best offer” for a whopping $10. My offer was accepted almost  immediately.  I think if the seller had any idea how much real purple-crocs were going for they would have challenged my $10 offer or at least list it on eBay for a higher price.  Real crocodile leather sells for over $10,000.  Faux crocodile leather, like my purple beauty below sells for $100 or more.

You don’t believe me, let’s take a look at purple croc-print bags that are available for sale online.

 This Balenciaga violet crocodile skin “Work” bag, available on farfetch.com will set you back $13,836.94.

This Manhattan Satchel is available at Tiffany.com and will set you back $12,500

This Hermes Birkini – Purple Crocodile Silver Buckle bag (It’s cowhide leather) sells for $379 here.

JJ Winters Blake Lively Croco Envelope purple clutch $149.50 here.

Although I failed to find a similar looks that were under $100, the $149 investment is still great in comparison to the prices above.  I’ve included the photo below from my original June 2011 post so that you can see my entire look with my purple pouch.

Remember, looking stylish and expensive can really be inexpensive.

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  1. Ok, nevermind. i thought you made the bag but you bought it from E ay..lol sorry

  2. Hi, the bag you made is absolutely beautiful. Can you do a tutorial on how you made the bag. i have some material and i want to make a clutch likes yours but don’t know how to start. Thanks so much 🙂

  3. This look is absolutley amazing! So incredibly chic! I love how you paired hot pink with the awesome pink leather jacket and you faux crocidile clutch! What takes it over the top for me is your cute white peep toe heels. I love your style girl! 😉