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What I Wore: Emerald Green Pencil Dress

I choose to wear this emerald green dress today because 1) it’s keeping me on track with my goal of wearing more color (see you later navy, taupe and black); 2) because we are expecting one of the most gorgeous spring like days (the weather guy promised that it would get up into the 50’s today); and 3) I wanted to wear something bright and vibrant because today is my birthday.

After years of passing it over, I’ve finally fallen in love with the color green.  Green has a very broad and contradictary meaning, but I am choosing to focus on the positive symbols which includes: growth, rebirth, fertility and nature. These are things that I am either experiencing, struggling with or working on and which I will touch on at some point through my various posts this month. For now, please enjoy the dress.

 I am wearing:

Dress: Figure-fit knee-length emerald green dress in stretch crêpe with short cap sleeves and a zip at the back. (H&M).  Buy here or similar here or here.

Black suede knee high boots from (Baker Shoes) (last seen here).  Similar here.

Photos by: Robert Cooper Photography

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  1. great dress! love the color :)))

  2. You are lovely, and you Spanish perfect. Thank you for stopping by.
    I do hope we become blogger friends.
    Have a grand Sunday.

  3. You look gorgeous! That green is a beautiful color on you 🙂 That dress is sooooo amazing! I now must, must go to H & M’s website to get one for myself. And…..Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful and fabulous one! 🙂

  4. HaPpY HAPPY HaPpY BIRTHDAY!!! You look fabulous in that green…it compliments you well! Green is a color that had to grow on me through the years. I hated the fact that my birthstone is the emerald but now I love it. Again, happy birthday to you and I hope you are having an awesome day!


  5. OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Another February birthday??? Mine is the 6th and I swear February is the best month ever for birthdays. I love your dress. You look gorgeous and I thoroughly hope you enjoy your springy birthday!!!!