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WIWT: Wearing Rasta Inspired Style

Inspired by my sisters post (here), today I wore this Rasta inspired outfit  while I lounged out on my couch watching the Livestream feed from the IFB Conference.  My general at home attire is really a bra and panty, but now that we are in the cooler months, I generally reach for something warm, roomy and comfortable and this yellow skirt, crochet top and red cardigan was it.  I added the Rasta tam for good measure, however, the outfit is an almost literal interpretation of Rastafarian style and is looking more like mock the dread and not Rasta inspired.  However, if you are also attracted to the bright eye-catching, beautiful, happy colors and the other aspects of of Rastafarian style there are creative ways to incorporate this into everyday dress.

“This subtle approach allows an individual to rep Rasta while wearing regular clothing. This could range from a wristband, a pendant, a beaded necklace or some other accessory bearing the black, red, gold and green. Those who can will wear a pin or badge depicting some symbol of Rastafari or Africa. Most common would be that of HIM Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah, Star of David, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley and in some cases other Rastafarian reggae artiste.” –Andrea Samuels

I am wearing:
Cardigan: Red short sleeve v-neck cardigan from Target (similar here)
Crochet shirt bought in Jamaica (last worn here) Similar “mesh” shirt found here.
Skirt: Yellow cotton (sweat pants material) midi skirt that I found at Japanalia for $10 SCORE!!!!! Similar skirt found here.

Robert Cooper took these pictures

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  1. Pure Versatility In A Woman – I love it!!!!!

  2. Hey Natasha, love the outfit…..true African Queen

  3. Man, now this is a perfectly Rasta inspired outfit. I wish I had these items in my closet today for my Bob Marley inspired look. Great hat too!

  4. Love the colors – you nailed it. I streamed the conference too, so glad they did that . I thought it was well done. The panelists handled the questions well and there was some solid info shared. I want to check out Sytle musee and Chime-in per the second panel. How about you? Did you get some good nuggets today?