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Hey, Orange and Blue!

It’s the height of basketball season and life has become pretty interesting for my fellow Syracuse University orangemen and women here in University of Connecticut husky territory. I drew the ire of just about everyone at my firm last week when I did my Rupaul “hey losers” walk to celebrate my alma mater’s 58-55 victory over UConn. I kind of thought people would just laugh and slap their knees like they always do when my funnier more playful side comes out. But nope, there were a lot of rabid glares and I don’t think things are still back to normal between myself and some of those huskies.

It’s funny that I have now, suddenly found all of this school spirit because I certainly wasn’t spirited when I was a student at Syracuse.  As a matter of fact, can you believe that when I was a student there I lived right next to the Carrier Dome where our renowned athletes still display their prowess in basketball, football and lacrosse and in the four years and one summer that I lived there, I attended 1 (o-n-e) game and I think it was because I won the ticket.

The sentiment from people here in husky territory is that since I’ve spent most of my life in Connecticut and now that I live and work here that I should move my allegiance to UConn. *cue crickets chirping* Sorry folks my allegiance is with the institution that I invested $80,000 plus.  So although I love Connecticut (ask me again in 2 months) and I respect UConn, in the spirit of friendly school rivalry I am rocking the Syracuse University school colors today. Let’s go orangemen!

No 1 seeded Syracuse University will begin the NCAA tournament tomorrow (Thursday 15th of March) against the No. 16 UNC Asheville bulldogs. Be prepared for serious gloating via twitter and Facebook after we take those bulldogs down. 

This weeks experiment with print and bright continues.  Today I wore:

Jacket: Tahari Suit Jacket  from Macys

Blouse: Navy and White polka Dot Blouse

Pants: Burnt orange J Crew cropped pants

Ossie took these pictures

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  1. Show and tell girl looking good

  2. You look great Natasha! I love your orange trousers and that polka dot blouse!