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Inspiration from Harry, Holi, Carnival and 8 Blogs to Peep

Happy Friday everyone!  I wanted to try another random post that has nothing to do with personal style or fashion. So here goes.

I am not a huge fan of the UK’s Royal family. Hell, while everyone else was up in the wee hours of the morning, admiring Kate Middleton’s wedding gown, I rolled over in bed, glanced at my television, yawned, rolled over and went right back to sleep.  So when I heard that Prince Harry was on tour in the Caribbean, I really didn’t even think anything of it.  However, I share my Facebook profile with hundreds of Jamaican people and it was hard to miss all of the photos that people were sharing of Harry’s errrrr….. adventures while he was on the island.

I just kind of assumed that since he was a member of the royal family and since Jamaica had dropped the proverbial bomb RIGHT BEFORE Harry’s visit by announcing that they were ready to cut the navel string that binds the “independent” island to England; that this would be more of a diplomatic, official visit.  Besides, he’s a “prince,” and princes are traditional, boring don’t fart, or touch common people and have protocols and a strict code of conduct and behavior that are supposed to be adhered to at all times.  But there he was, his royal highness, drinking rum punch, racing Usain Bolt, posing like Usain Bolt, hanging out with Usain Bolt, nicknaming himself flash Harry because he won a race against Usain Bolt; and dancing (not to a waltz but reggae music and if I might add, with perfect rhythm).  More photos of Harry, hugging babies, and giving tight, lingering hugs to swooning young ladies, including our Prime Minister the Rt. Hon Portia Simpson.  He even took off the fussy jacket and tie and decked out in rudeboy gear including the much reported/blogged about royal blue desert boots.

Imagine that, His Royal Majesty Prince Henry of Wales went to Jamaica in the midst of hostility, threw care and his pompous, fussy title and expectations to the wind and had the rass audacity to just be himself.  I was fascinated…

And it looks like people in India and Trinidad (who celebrated Phagwa/Holi and Carnival en masse) were also throwing care to the wind and also letting out their inner child this week.  Of course our carnival doesn’t come until August, and I wouldn’t dare throw a handful of colored powder at my neighbor, but I’ve been really hard on myself this week and this weekend I am gonna let out my inner child, throw my cares to the wind and let go.  Somebody get me Usain Bolt’s number.

Images via IBTimes, Yahoo, Telegraph UK, BBC, FoxNews

Blogs That You Should Peep

1.  Just when I thought I was the best bargain hunter you have to peep this girl’s fabulous cheap but chic finds. @J9Style.

2.  What, your dental office also has a spa? Are dental “boutiques” the next big thing?  Read more here from @CurveeBeauty.

3.  I wouldn’t have known who Zelda Wynn Valdes was if it wasn’t for this feature from @Off_Glass.

4. Stephanie gives us a little history and some lovely links on the winged, cat eye look. @Glam_Slam.

5. Just because natural hair isn’t for you it doesn’t mean you have to down the people who choose to wear it.  Read more here. @Kbyrdjr

6. Ejieme has all of the wear to work styles from Fall 2012 NYFW on her blog. @CasualCorporate

7. Ladies, bling is not just for the evening.  Shefinds shows 8 necklaces that go with everything, even denim and t-shirts. @ShefindsEileen

8. I hope in a few years that I will look just as chic.  She also has some strong words for bloggers about originality. @MisPapelicos.

 XoXo, Natasha

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