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My Sorrelli and 7 Blogs to Peep

Here she is, the beautiful necklace that I won from Sorrelli at Bloggers Night Out New York City last month.  I’ll show you how I style her, soon.

By the way if you like my necklace and other products from Sorrelli, please note that they have a BoGo sale through March 20th. Click on the photo below to see the collection.

 Some Blogs You Should Peep

In case you missed the iFabbo interview with Lianne Farbes of the the MakeupGirl.net, you can see the recorded interview here on Spreecast.  This was a very inspiring.

Vahni provides us with another informative post on instagram, statigram and like tools. Read it here.

Speaking of photos, TheSitsGirls shares some wonderful advice on how to take advantage of the “golden hour” for your outdoor photographs.

I am really skeptical of people that have no interest in other cultures. IFB is crossed that bridge recently by featuring and introducing us to Muslim bloggers who are Balancing Fashion & Faith. 

Folake is just killing it with these printed pants from Zara. See it here. Is there anything that doesn’t look good on her?

Hold on..I had to do a double take.  The dress is wonderful, but OMG on Robin’s hair.  Here, she shows us a dress from eShakti.

Check out this informative and helpful post via Already Pretty’s Lovely Links on how to style your stripes .

Anyways, wishing you all a wonderful and fabulous St. Patricks Day!

XoXo, Natasha

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