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Releasing The Old to Bring In The New

Happy Sunday everyone.  I usually keep a few extra photos on hand in case of emergency (emergency as in those days when neither Ossie or Robert is available to take my outfit photo).  However, I started the gradual decent back to short hair this weekend so my hair is now significantly shorter than what you are seeing here.  I will post the other “extras” to my Pinterest and Facebook pages and you will get to see how short my hair is, tomorrow.

I am wearing:

white t-shirt under my red leather jacket and faux fur collar from H&M.

Pants: slim fit stretch cobalt blue denim found at Dots.

Ossie took these photos.

XoXo, Natasha




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  1. Haha…I thought I was the only one who keeps a stash of photos I.C.E. I am loving that jacket!!!

    • No girl. I had quite a few of them actually. Some never made it to my blog because there was something or someone sticking out somewhere in the background or they just weren’t very flattering. And there are the ones like this, that I was hanging on to for emergency postings. (-:

  2. Love tha shoes!!!!!!!!

  3. Loving, loving those shoes! Great “casual chic” look chica! 🙂

  4. This is really cute! I love the jacket Natasha! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!