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7 Random Facts and 15 Blogs to Peep

Surprise, surprise…I’VE BEEN TAGGED —-Lots of love and gratitude to Tavia of Nine to Fly Blog for nominating me for a versatile blogger award. The award comes with some responsibilities, however,  and that includes listing 7 random facts about myself and listing 15 recently discovered blogs. I think this award/tagging also allows me to share a side of myself that people rarely see. So here goes.


ONE. Forget those people on the Food Network.  I am the worlds worst cook!  Please, don’t tell that to the people who keep asking me what happened to that food column I used to write.  I’m just so glad that the Fire Department was forgiving and understanding when they came the last time.

TWO. I drive a Beetle. Yep, that’s right, my car is a punch buggy.  Try living in a trying to be gentrified community with a car like that. Oh the questions and not to mention the kids always beat the crap out of each other whenever they see my car driving pass. I love the car but it’s proven to be quite the money pit. I just need two more tires to complete the latest rounds of repairs and then hopefully I am done.

THREE. Publisher/Videographer/Blogger/News Reporter. Yep all four. I  published a paper10 years ago called UE (See below). I also took a video editing class where I created this video (It’s ok you can laugh, there is some really bad editing there… Also the “star” is Robert my photographer and he is from Michigan, not Jamaica..hence the serious lip out of synch, Lol!) I used this skill to create a mini documentary for the 60th anniversary of one of our local organizations in 2010.  I do this mini Caribbean news report for a internet station based here in Connecticut.  Now I have this blog. The common thread here is that I love sharing information. (-:

L-R Reggae Dancehall Artists, Capleton, TOK and Madd Anju.

FOUR. A more serious fact, I made the decision not to have children when I was in my early teens.  I don’t regret my decision.  I am happy with being just an Auntie and I am looking forward to being a step mom. Now, if I can just get my relatives to leave that question alone. It  comes up at every major family gathering.  They’ve even scheduled it.  6:20 pm; prayers, 6:30 pm; turkey carving; 7:45 pm “When are you going to have kids?” 7:46 pm, “how old are you again?”

FIVE. I am introverted, I am not stuck up.

SIX.  I took a dramatic approach to conquer my shyness and to lose weight a few years ago by joining a dance company and folk singing group. I was the oldest person in the dance company and the youngest person in the folk singing group.  I achieved the weight loss goal but, unfortunately, it didn’t really help the introvert bit.

That's me holding the microphone in the white and on trend now mint colored sash performing with the Voices of the Caribbean in Connecticut.

SEVEN.  I pierced a couple of things back in the days.  Nothing “dramatic” though, just my nose (twice) and my belly button, which never healed as I discovered the hard way a few years ago. Other stupid things included throwing stones at a wasp nest and then waiting for the swarm to disburse before running (I was really young).  Oh, and I purposely stepped on a rake one time.  Trust me, it’s just like what happens in the cartoons.  No need to try it at home.


I read a variety of blogs for different reasons. Some for technical know how, a few because I am curious to see what is on trend in other parts of the world, some because they are just great to read and some for style inspiration.  Here are a few with included links for you to look and drool or read.

Want to see how people in Belgium dress?  Get the sunnies ready before you peep this blog.
Discovered this blog via Dirty Hair Halo.

Nine To Fly

Tavia was one of the regular commenters on my blog and the person who nominated me for this post. I absolutely love her personal style. She is really one to watch.

The Goodwill Project

Discovered this blog through the Refinery29 blogger contest. This girl is a poster child for recycled fashion.  You will not be disappointed with these outfits, all found at a Miami Goodwill.

Insights bySSSourabh

Met Sourabh at an event in NYC last month. There are many things that I like about this blog including the fact that it includes fashion that we don’t see here in the US and that it’s written from a male point of view.

Garner Style

Discovered her through twitter.  You don’t even have to be a curvy girl to appreciate her style.  She does harem pants and fitted dresses and looks FIERCE in all of them.

Vanity No Apologies.

Discovered this New Delhi blogger through IFabbo. It’s more of a beauty blog, but I also discovered the Louboutin Bollywood inspired shoe collection and confirmed that people in India are also obsessed with skin lighteners. (Don’t even get me started. Its a huge problem amongst Caribbean women.)

Frannie Pantz

I really like her effortless style. Its like she gets up, selects her pieces, puts them on and they just work.  She is also a great writer.

Grit and Glamour

Been following Vahni since before I started my blog. Her blog has style and substance and I absolutely love here posts like this one (a must read, especially for new bloggers because paraphrasing is still plagiarism) and this one.

 Meek N Mild.

Meet Shirley from England.  I am not gonna say another word  Just check out the link.

Blogtrends Chat.

I started participating with the Monday night twitter chats back in January.  I’ve learned so much and met so many new people.  It’s things like this (hint–the editorial calendar plugin) and this why they should be added to your RSS feeder.  FYI, IFabbo, Blogstylist and IFB also publishes blogging tips.


I just really related to this post. I get the why do you talk like a white girl question all the time.


We all know Folake and Karla, but you should get to know this blogger/stylist.


I also love her style. I am going to squeeze in Swoonblog.  Their styles are very similar.

Images…I had several sets of  pictures that I could have chosen from, but I chose these because, these pictures reflect my personality.  These pictures were taken by Robert Cooper at the end of 2011.


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  1. Natasha…I am not happy! Your blog keeps disappearing off my google reader and I don’t know why. Insert sad face here____. This is the third time I had to go looking for you and add it back. *sigh* lol. I’m not fussing but I need my regular dose of OWSE !

    Girl your pictures always have so much personality. I guess they are capturing the true you…introvert and all. 😉 Thanks for participating. I now know a little more about you.


    • Hi Tavia.
      Lol, I think I know why. I had 3 separate urls that were pointing to my site. One of them being OneWomanEvolution. It sounded like a great idea when I originally came up with that name “I’m gonna start a one woman evolution,” but once I realize that people didn’t get it (don’t ask) I changed it to OneWomansEvolution and OneWomansStyleEvolution. The first one was up for renewal last month, but I chose not to renew it. Feedburner points to OneWomansStyleEvolution. The other one should work in google reader as well. I’m going to run a test on it myself to see if I can uncover anything else.

      XoXo, Natasha

  2. I have just found you and your blog and You make a lot of sense.
    I am off to check the rest.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Aw thanks Natasha! I really appreciate that and your support! I linked you in my post a few days ago as one of my most touching, genuine and loyal readers. Your blog is amazing and I love that you joined this folk singing group! How cool is that??? Also, I am an introvert too and I have given the wrong impression that I am stuck up as well. As for the not having kids comments–to each their own. Don’t sweat the backlash. I got backlash about my kids a lot because they were not planned, I was not married, etc. No one is safe from scrutiny in the end. I really appreciate all you are, Natasha. You are a sweetheart!

  4. Hey, thanks for the mention!!! Glad you like it, and now you can find yourself on here too 🙂

  5. Aw, thanks for including me! It was fun reading more about you. I might have to do a post like this myself. Haven’t done a fun facts post in a while!

    Love this: “FIVE. I am introverted, I am not stuck up.” People always tell me after they get to know me that they thought I was stuck up. I just tend to keep to myself until I’m approached. Big difference, right?!

    Happy weekend!

  6. Congratulations on your award and thank so much for mentioning my blog!!! Please keep in touch. :-))