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The Choice Is Yours: Louboutin Lady Daf Platform Mary Jane Pumps

Behold, the Christian Louboutin Lady Daf Platform Mary Jane Pumps.  Blogger and style icon, Karla Deras was the first person that I saw with a pair of these (here) super tall, and seriously intimidating looking pumps.  The minute I saw them I knew that shoes had reached a dangerous new height and just like an old catholic woman, I grabbed my rosaries and prayed that Karla would be able to traverse sidewalks, stairs and slick floors safely. I also feared that like the Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s, that bloggers everywhere would follow and that an epidemic of broken ankles would plague the blogosphere.

Lady Daf, by Christian Louboutin
Lady Daf Image via www.FashionBombDaily.com


Lady Daf Image via www.blog4cl.com

Almost a year has passed and these wicked awesomeness has shown up on the feet of many celebrities but only on the feet of few in the blogging community. The style had also evolved during the last year. Dafs are now available in mary janes or as pumps (as shown below) and in a variety of colors and prints.

Lady Daf Image via www.purseblog.com

However, it wasn’t the height or fear of broken ankles that kept these shoes from off of the feets of bloggers, it was the price. Yes, my friends, the Christian Louboutin Lady Daf Platform Mary Jane Pumps retails for $1,595 (one thousand five hundred and ninety-five dollars).  That’s just the price for the nude.  I found a black python pair that retails for $2,595.00 ( here).  However, I guess the design patent for these have expired because it’s raining Daf knock-offs everywhere.

Here are a few:

Steve Madden (unknown) Image via http://www.dulcecandy.com/
Edith (available on Solemint) aka Viktoree by Steve Madden $130.
Bordello available on www.endless.com $139.95


H by Halston Hilary available on BakerShoes.com $110
Sergio Zelcer available on www.endless.com
Rosalind available on www.bakersshoes.com $110

I guess we’ll be seeing more of these on blogger pages and on reggae dancehall stargirl’s feet.

“Don’t go broke trying to look rich. Act your wage”–from my twitter stream
XoXo, Natasha

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  1. damn, i felt my womb shift and my nose bleed just looking at these! gotta admit they are super fab to look at though. loving the black& white stripe

  2. My ankles are hurting looking at these shoes but they are very pretty. Bakers also has a Maryjane version as well. I think I will leave these babies to the real fashionistas, lol.

  3. I remember seeing these on Karla, and if I remember correctly even SHE remarked that she was getting used to walking in them! While they ARE beautiful (and EVERYONE needs a nude heel), they are just too tall and the heel too thin to be able to walk gracefully in. I think the next to last ones (Sergio Zelcer?) are a more wearable alternative. And let’s not even get into the price of those bad boys!!! I don’t know how ANYONE is able to afford to pay four digits for shoes! BTW, love your twitter feed quote! ~Serene

    • Hi Serene,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving your comments. Shoes should have a practical purpose and to me the lady daf really does not. It’s more of an art piece so I agree with you. However, the shoes make a bold statement and I understand why the very fashion forward Karla Deras and Nini of NiniStyle would rock these. In my opinion, this was a tool (the shoes) which helped them to maintain a niche—well, until the knockoffs started rolling out. Also, if you read between the lines of their blogs it sounds like these young ladies are comfortable, financially so dishing out 4 figures for shoes was probably nothing. Someone retweeted that a few days ago and I just thought it was appropriate for this post. (-: