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Green Blouse and Black and White Printed Skirt

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share the outfit that I wore earlier this week.

I am wearing:
Blouse: Emerald green blouse from Limited (last seen in this outfit post)

Skirt: graphic printed Limited circle skirt, thrifted (last seen in this outfit post)

Shoes:My granny oxford shoes are an old purchase from Marshalls.

Robert took these photos!

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Skirt not my thing if it’s not down to ankle or …….barely there so I skip. but the shoes now ….mi loikes. great with everything.

    • @Andrea. Are you serious? I bought those shoes a couple of years ago because I couldn’t afford the ones that I really wanted. They are so comfortable though and you know with these old bones comfort is winning over fashion lately. I find them kind of homely though, but since I know that you are into them, I’ll set aside a pair.

      • Hell. Got me a pair of BEIGE wingtips and I wear them with EVERYTHING. Girls at the office finally given up teasing me about them not matching anything but I find them soooo comfortable I dont even care.

        • Ha! These actually have a heel in the back. They are not flat. The first time mi wear dem, s’maddy bawl out seh a granny shoes dem. So back into my closet they went, but I’ve grown so much since I started this whole blogging thing that at this point as long as I am not offending anyone or violating some rule, I don’t really care what anyone thinks. I’m currently alternating low and high heels and finally exercising to help with my ankle, lower calf issues. (-:

  2. Fabulous out fit nice keep smiling

  3. This is a fabulous outfit Natasha! I love that great black and white skirt! And the green really pops against it!