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Is This Saying Too Much?

Is message wear becoming a trend?

Exhibit A – The Sex patent leather shoes from Christian Louboutin.

I’m guessing that Louboutin might have been referring to the shoes (we did coin and we are using the word shoegasm) but based on what I am reading on the internet, some people are looking at this as a billboard of sorts.   Even if I could splurge $1400.00 on shoes, I definitely, would not wear these.  They are saying too much!

Exhibit B: The gold bleep ring and OMG WTF rings from Wendy Brandes. Images via WendyBrandes.com

I met Wendy Brandes at an event in New York City. Her online personae is the same in the real world, funny and quirky.  She is a very talented jewelry designer and her pieces range from fine jewelry to these really cute and quirky rings that offers up more profanity than the sex shoes but for some odd reason, I think they are…. cute.  I would definitely wear these.  She should definitely hook up with those LMFAO people.

What do you think, would you wear any of these?

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Aw, I just saw this! I’m way behind in my blog reading. So nice! I have to say I’m not planning to add a “SEX” ring set to my line but obviously if someone asked for it specially, I would do it. To me, it doesn’t have humor. I’d rather do a set of XXX than “SEX” … that way you could be x-rated or a tic-tac-toe winner 😀

  2. Pass mi a couple a dem F$@#!&* rings!

  3. I definitely want a pair of Wendy’s swear rings. I think they’re subtle and bold enough to work in my closet whereas the Loubs – eeehh, putting it out there a bit, Mr. ‘Boutin.