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Kicks to Swoon Over this Monday

I am in the market for new  sneakers (AKA trainers if you are from England; crep if you are from Jamaica; boogers if you are from Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica (seriously); runners if you are from Ireland; tennis shoes if you are from money; and kicks if you are generation MTV).

Here is a picture of my current two lovelies (sarcasm emphasized).  I use the ice-blue Avia’s on the right (purchased from Marshalls or Payless) whenever I workout.  They have been in the family for about 6 years. The white Guess on the left are about 10 years old (purchased from Macys) and I use them primarily for walking or when I go to a sporting event.  As you can see, they are both pretty much, dead and need to be replaced, but the Guess is more critical as I have an upcoming road trip and wearing 5-inch platform shoes is not going to be practical.

I never saw sneakers as stylish.  I always viewed them and treated them as a kind of a utility shoe (you know, something to wear when you are running, working out or moving something really heavy). However, I am very impressed with the range of styles that is available on the market. Below are a some of the most stylish and unique ones that I came across during my search. [My apologies for all of the white space, but the photos are linked in from Fashion Traffic and I could not crop them].

I absolutely love these Bryan Blakes (available in all black, black and white and navy and white suede and leather combo!)  This wedge sneaker retails for a whopping $354 on Luisviaroma.com.

This is the Chiara Ferragni (yes, the chic blogger from The Blonde Salad has her very own and very impressive shoe brand) – Leather Spikes Dirty Effect High Sneaker (available in blue and green) and retails for $320.00 on farfetch.com. Cute, and sturdy looking, but this price point is still too rich for my budget.

This is a Lemare – 60MM suede strap high top sneaker. Retails for $277 on luisaviaroma.com site.  Cute, but again, too rich for my budget.

This cute and stylish, suede, lace up, wedge sneaker in stone from ASH features a two tone suede and canvas upper lace-up vamp with velcro strap hidden wedge and rubber sole wedge.  They come in a wide range of wonderful, bold colors.  The wedge sneaker retails for $225 on shopbop.com.  Jah know, these are still not in my price range, but it might be worth the investment. Thinking…!

These are Adidas, Jeremy Scott gorilla sneakers. Amber Rose was spotted wearing a pair of these in Philadelphia earlier this month. They are available at Barneys and retail for $200.   You can also find gorillas, teddy bear and winged ballerinas at JeremyAdidasScott.com.  They are very unique, but I know from experience that my cat would attack this sneaker if it came into my house (I used to have panda slippers…)

These are Sam Edelman Alexander High Top Sneakers which retail on Shopbop.com for $100.00 . I love these, they are cute, unique and studded.

Ahhh, Converse Cotton Canvas lo-top sneakers. Back in my youthful days I would be the laughing stock among my peers if I wore these. Now they are the in thing. This classic retails for $98 on farfetch.com.  I am leaning towards a pair of these in black or navy because I think they would look great with everything and they are canvas, built to last.

These are the Jack Purcell low tops in black from Converse.  They are not not a bad alternative to the Converse above.  The Jack Purcell retails for $60 on farfetch.com.

The price is really right on this one. This is a white canvas sneaker from Plimsoll and retails for $41.00  on farfetch.com. Plimsoll?

Please check out my Pumped Up Kicks board on Pinterest to see additional kicks.  Also check out Coco Rosa’s  Top Ten Blogger Sneakers to see what bloggers are wearing and how they are wearing them.

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Ohhhhhhh…………….those platforms are fiercely sexy. Price kinda waaayyy up there though

    • No mi dear, people have always been willing to shell out major cash for sneakers. Not me of course, but it’s looking like I might have to do just that.