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Peachy Pants and Navy Blouse

So you all know I have been experimenting with color in the office.  For those who don’t know, I work as a legal assistant at an IP firm filled with lawyers and patent agents who have all kinds of advance degrees in chemistry and engineering.  It’s a pretty laid back environment when it comes to attire but  from what I see, the majority of people that work there view clothes as a utility, something to cover their nakedness and not as something that can be used as an extension of their personalities.

There is a partner, an associate and one of the support staff who are fashionista’s in the truest sense and I say that because they have a truly distinct style.  However as nice as their outfits have been of lately, they all tend to stick with the basic color palette that is expected in a law firm which is gray, black, brown and navy.   And then there is me, madame push the envelope of what is appropriate in a historically conservative and stuffy work environment. Me, madame taking the cue from management (we all heard him, stability balls for everyone to replace our office chairs…) and I thought I was doing it, in a sort of kind of good way until Nicole’s one line editorial popped my bubble this morning.

It went down like this. I walked through the front door, I said my usual good morning and then Nicole looked me up and down and said  “phew, glad you are not going to be blinding us with your pants today.” Remember the Ally McBeal show when somebody would throw a left field and unexpected comment and then they would play the sound effect that sounded is if someone was dragging the needle across the record?  It was like that.  I know she didn’t mean anything by her comment.  If that comment was going to come from anyone, I knew it would be from her.   But, I noted her comment and now I am on the hunt for some yellow skinny denims.

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  1. *Neon* yellow, Natasha! There’s always one of those women in every office 😛

    You look great!

    • Although I love incorporating color into my outfits, I wouldn’t do neon in the office. When I think of neon, I think of beach and Florida, not a serious and growing boutique firm. (-:

  2. OMG! How dare that girl say that to you?!?!?! I work in a law office too, though, and I totally know what you mean. I am def the most colorful person in the office and I do get comments from everyone in there at some point or another. You just gotta take it with a grain of salt unless what you wear is actually harming the business in some way or offending someone. At any rate, I love this color-blocking and applaud you in your hunt for yellow denims! I’ve been craving the same thing lately.

    • Hi Robin,
      Lol, I didn’t take her comment seriously. The managing partner is kind of a free spirit. I mean he does allow half of my department to use stability balls instead of our standard issued chairs. I think the only time that anyone has ever been spoken to about their attire was a girl whose attire was short, tight and scandelous. We found out that she actually had a side hustle that required her get up. She doesn’t work there anymore…