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Excited To Try 4 out of 5 Of These Nail Trends

Between my blogging events and impulse buys, I have amassed an impressive collection of nail polish.  However, when I try to apply nail polish at home, they get over everything else except the nail bed for which they were intended.  For that reason, whenever I want to get my nails done, I usually just go to a nail salon. First of all, regular nail polish chips mysteriously from my fingernails after taking two steps out of the door of the salon.  And before you flood me with suggestions, I have already tried the shellac manicure (aka soak off nail polish or gel nail polish) (See image below.  Also, read  Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s review Shellac Manicure: An Honest Opinion) which looked really great after application, but if you are the kind of person that keeps your hands in water a lot, you wont get three weeks out of them.  My last one only lasted one week.

I tried the minx nails (see image below) when I went to the IFB conference last September and loved them, but again, they started peeling after a few days.  I tried acrylic a few years ago and I was not at all happy about the condition of my nail beds after I removed them and took an oath of promise that I would never reapply those things to my hands again.  However, there are a few nail trends that I am really feeling that might bring me back to the nail salon to ask for something other than “a manicure with clear nail polish please.”  Heck, I might even go for the acrylic again.

my shellac nail manicure
my minx nail manicure, courtesy of magnum ice-cream


1. Half Moon Manicure

Image via musingsfrommanhattan.com
Image via GlitterGeek

Of the 5 trends, the half moon is probably the easiest one for you gifted nail artists to try at home.  There are endless DIY, how to’s for this trend available on the internet.  I started taking note of this nail trend late last summer.  It is actually a nail art style that was popular in the 30’s when women painted just the center of their nails, leaving the moon and tip bare.

2. Ombre Nails

Image via NailGurl
Image via Glamour

I love the color gradient of this style.  The gradient can be done on nails as shown above, or each nail could be painted a different hue in the same color family going from light to dark or dark to light.  I am so trying this trend, this summer.

3. Caviar Nails

Image via MadameNoir
Image via CocoandCreme

Yum, this looks like ice-cream with sprinkles on top!  The caviar nail manicure is the newest nail trend.  This manicure doesn’t come for cheap, however. The caviar nail kit sells at Sephora for $25.  I don’t even want to imagine what nail salons will be charging.  Came across a sweet little DIY tutorial by Elle Sees (again, this is for the gifted people who can actually manage these projects at home) DIY: Caviar Nails for $5.

4. Stilleto Nails

Image via NecoleBitchie
Image via Flickr

Jessie J’s nails, as seen in the first photo above are a tamer version of the stilletto nail style made popular by Rihanna and Beyonce.  The second photo…. I mean seriously?  Honestly…I wouldn’t wear this to work or near my cat.  I don’t think I would be able to pass security and I might get the same response I get from my cat if I bare my teeth at her.  I am sorry, these are talons!

5. Chrome Nails

Image via KellieGonzo

Chrome nails are not new either, but it’s not going to stop me from trying this look this summer.  Apparently, it is virtually impossible to find nail polish that can give this very same effect.  The chrome manicure shown above was achieved by using Broadway Fashion Diva Chrome Nail adhesives as seen on KellieGonzo.com.   Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly also featured  Liquid Chrome Nails on her site and gave a list of brands that you can try in order to achieve this look.

Which one are you willing to try?  I can’t wait to hear what your favorites are.

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. I’ve tried almost all of these haha except caviar nails because I’ve heard they fall off quickly :/

    • Hi Kim. You know I was wondering about that. Glad to know. I haven’t been able to find anyone here in the greater Hartford area that does any of these. If you know of any nail salons in the City, please share. (-:

  2. I like the shallac, gradient and chrome looks. I change my nails weekly so I won’t be shelling out monies to a manicurist so some of these trends I’ll miss out on.

    • Hey Kerissa,
      I hear you. I paid $30 everytime, I did the shellac nails. Unfortunately, I cannot find any nail salons around here that does any of those styles. I might have to go to New York City..which is an added expense so I might have to keep them bare for now. )-: I will let you all know when I get them done though.

  3. I love Minx for chrome. I find with Minx and Gelish gels (I haven’t done Shellac) it’s crucial to have a great person apply them. Not everyone can do it, especially a lot of the people who THINK they can do it! I usually get 10 to 14 days of wear out of those compared to one day with regular nail polish. Of course once in a while, you just have bad luck. I’ve had three Sally Hansen nail strip manicures that lasted for two weeks and one that fell apart immediately! The product had probably gotten dry. Anyway, I NEED to try stiletto nails one of these days!
    WendyB recently posted..What Wendy Wore: Neon-Pink Chris Benz to the Elly AwardsMy Profile

    • 2 weeks with the Sally Hansen? Wow! I can definitely see you rocking the stiletto’s. I wonder how Fitzroy would respond though? Lol!

  4. I think the chrome nails are my favorite! LOVE those! ~Serene
    Serene recently posted..When it comes to makeup….My Profile