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Rules for Wearing White Right

I have to admit that white is a neutral that is best worn during the warmer months.  During the warmer months, there is less chance for puddles or old snow to muddy things up. White also reflects light which in turn helps to keep you cool.

The following rules seem basic, but I am surprised at the number of women who still haven’t been schooled on this.  In order for you to wear white right, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Pick your underwear carefully. bright colors, printed and lace underwear usually bleeds through and trust when I tell you that this is not a good look.  Pick black, navy blue or a nude color underwear instead of the frillys, brights and prints.
  2. Check your chair.  Last Thursday, my co-worker showed me how she hid a stain on her top by wrinkling the material. Although, I thought it was genius, I don’t think the wrinkle trick would work on any white garments.  Once you get a stain, the outfit is pretty much done and that’s what happened to me here. The black stair handles were covered with yellow pollen dust.  There is no blending in our hiding the stain and if you are a long way from home, this could be a problem.
  3. Know your schedule. If you are expecting your monthly friend, that might not be a great time to pick a white outfit.  You are supposed to be confident and cool not worried, anxious and staring at your backside in the mirror at every opportunity.
  4. Pick a good fabric. If you plan to wear a white bottom or dress to the office, make sure you pick a thick, opaque fabric. It looks better and more professional.
  5. Be cautious with makeup and perfumes. Apply makeup and perfume AFTER you get dressed to avoid staining.
  6. Don’t wear white when traveling. No matter what the commercials tell you, modern day engineered vehicles are not spill proof. Sudden stops, air pockets or a swerve could leave you with one heck of a mess.

I am wearing:
Top: printed Asian inspired fuchsia top from Ann Taylor (thrifted). Similar: Kate Spade New York Playwright Print Silk Top from Nordstrom.
Bottom: Mossimo women’s white sateen cuff shorts  from Target

Ossie took these photos
XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Great post! It’s time to where white here in Cali and that means summer will be here! Found you on SITS!
    Raquel recently posted..Tracking AccomplishmentsMy Profile

  2. I have never been good at wearing white. I’m always bound to get it messed up. Really great and simple tips that I can definitely follow the next time I wear white.


  3. Great tips! Especially about the underwear, more people should think about this!

    You look gorgeous in those shorts.
    Katha Strophe recently posted..What I Wore – dot dot dotMy Profile

  4. I am loving this outfit Ms. Lady! It is cute yet simple! This is a great post. I happen to follow all of these rules and all because of previous not so good experiences….lol.

    Tavia recently posted..Not So Mellow Yellow!My Profile

    • Thanks Tavia! Confession, on the Saturday before I wrote this post, I wore a white bottom with pale yellow printed underwear to an event. That experience inspired that post. After 15 or so outfit changes I settled on an all white outfit. The underwear thing hit me when I was almost at my destination. I am so glad that it was a play. The lights were out and I stayed in my seat the entire time.

  5. “Pick your underwear carefully”…so true, so true…GREAT tips!

  6. Ok you in this fit is definitely making me want to wear my white shorts and heels together. I’ve worn them once with wedges, but not with heels.

    I’m glad you highlighted these tips because I, along with others, have a very hard time wearing white. The last time I went to IHOP I wore white pants and my white pants have a syrup stain that won’t seem to lift 🙁 I should have never worn white pants to a place that serves syrup on the side in the first place!

    Cute look, miss lady.

  7. You look good! I like the top and the shoes. 🙂

  8. Loving the outfit.
    Beg to differ on #5. Apply perfume BEFORE you get dressed and ALLOW TO DRY PROPERLY before donning the whites. Caught me once never again! The makeup after (unless you got some fixative).
    My whites, except for shirts, take up space in my wardrobe. Love them to death but you know I have no qualms about throwing my butt down anywhere that looks comfy.

    • So weh yuh a seh, you’ve sat in some stuff? Lol. How do you manage wearing white with all of the red dirt that is in Manchester?

      Side note: For those of you reading this…, Jamaica is rich in bauxite ore (bi products includes aluminum). As a result, a reddish brown dirt covers most of the middle of the island where my sister (Andrea) and I are from.

  9. Love The Rules! Love those shorts and heels together, too. You’ve got amazing legs that go for miles 🙂
    Lynne DeVenny ( recently posted..Visible Monday & A Day to RememberMy Profile

    • Funny you said that about the go for miles thing with the legs. They are pretty long. It’s my short torso that tripped me up. (-:

  10. My sentiments exactly! White and I usually have a hard time getting along, but I wear it anyway. I’ve come to the conclusion, if I ever get a permanent stain on any of my white clothes, I’m just going to dye them. End of story!
    You look great Natasha. If only I had the guts to rock some high heels and shorts…sigh….
    Sheila, Style Agent 909 recently posted..Fill ‘er Up!My Profile

    • Hi Sheila,
      You know I have never thought about dyeing them. I’ve gone through an embarrassing high amount of t-shirts. They are a magnet for cola and wine and my button downs get these weird yellowish stains under the armpits. By the way if anyone is interested, @Jaimami posted a recipe for getting rid of armpit stains on twitter last week. 1 tsp. dawn; 3-4 tsp. hydrogen peroxide, 2 tbsp baking soda. Here is a link http://pinterest.com/pin/62557882294337137/

  11. Great tips Natasha! I love these white shorts on you!
    Robin recently posted..Purple on Purple on PurpleMy Profile