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Inspired by Fierceley Real Model’s Attitude

Last week I ran into my old dance instructor and instead of a normal greeting like “Natasha how have you been,” all I heard was “Lord, yuh get fat.”  Usually, when people commit these verbal crimes, they catch themselves and back track a little, not this one.  He continued unfiltered “but yuh had a six-pack  and a nice shape when you were dancing“.  Ironically, in the middle of his diatribe he tried to convince me to return to his class. Dude, I don’t think so.

I’ve been trying hard not to let his comments take up space in my head but in truth, I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious about my weight (hence no What I Wore photos).  To aggravate myself even more, I’ve developed this wicked sweet tooth and I have been keeping it happy with daily offerings of chocolate sprinkled covered soft serve cones from the ice-cream truck that comes up my street every night.  To add to that, I have been pigging out on Kings Hawaiian sweet bread since I got back from the Bloggy Boot Camp in Philly last weekend. (People, seriously that bread is so good).

Out of guilt, today I made my way over to MELT Fitness where I ran into Joe Carabase, the owner of MELT. I have a kind of cougar crush on him and when I found out he was leading today’s class, I just wanted to die.  So to make a long story short. I worked my ass off in class. I didn’t have a choice, since Joe could only remember the name of one person who was in the class, and that name folks–was my own.  Anyways, after I left, I went to Marshalls to find gym gear (now that I know Joe periodically shows up to our classes, I can’t run the risk of running into him wearing these gray sweat pants because, you know, you can see the sweat line….) I didn’t find any new gear that I liked so after that I went to my local super market and bought enough romaine lettuce to serve me for the next two weeks.

I had just sat down on my computer after completing my dinner of romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado (that was the only thing that tasted good) and carrots when I came across these photos of Candice Huffine a fiercely real model who is covering the May 19th issue of Spain’s S Moda magazine.  I was like, look at that.  She is size 14, happy, sipping on regular coke (not diet) and is naked and on the cover of a major fashion magazine while I am here moping over my size 10 ass and eating rabbit food.  Maybe I should move to Spain or better yet, maybe I just need to practice how to respond the next time someone points out something to me that I am self-conscious about or not comfortable with.

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. I think you would have felt better about yourself (current weight) if you had spoken up for yourself RIGHT THEN and THERE.
    You should have told him “You don’t have the RIGHT to discuss MY BODY”.

    If you are not happy at your current weight- DO SOMETHING ABOUT and DEAL with your biggest critic..which seems to be YOU

    • I don’t disagree with you. I definitely wouldn’t have carried it around if I had addressed it at that time. However, the comments caught me off guard and I was just at a loss for words.

  2. She’s gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. One of my fave bloggers, Girl with Curves, is gorgeous.

    As long as you’re healthy and happy with yourself, don’t pass up ice cream almost delivered to your door 😛

    That boy just wasn’t raised right, as we like to say down here in th’ South.
    Lynne DeVenny ( recently posted..Paralegal Career Dressing: Flower PowerMy Profile

    • Hi Lynne,
      His harsh criticism of the teenage girls in the program is one of the reasons that I left. I ran into him when I returned to serve as the stage manager for their annual show last week. I am still surprised that it didn’t dawn on him at any point that his comments were offensive. It’s kind of sad in a way, because he mixes elements of ballet and modern dance with Caribbean folk dance and he might be one of the only people left who can do this. I was in a dance troupe in college and I’ve taken several dance classes and one thing is clear, dancing helps to build your self confidence. Not in that class though.