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Dulcimina Hat and Green and Black Dress

Greetings, salutations and howdy dooos!!!

I have to keep the post short because today is the first big days of big days in the days to come.  I only watch sports every four years during the Olympics and tonight is the opening ceremony of the 2012 games.

Of all of the games, I am looking forward to gymnastics and track and field the most. I have been a fan of the US gymnastics team since the days of Mary Lou Retton. As a matter of fact, after watching her compete, I was a gymnast in my head for the longest and it could have been a reality if  I was a little bit more tolerant to pain, if I didn’t chicken out every time I was supposed to move my hand so my cartwheel would turn into a roundoff and if my super hero underoos performed as they were advertised.  But it’s ok, gymnastic is still incredible to watch.

The other big event that Jamaican’s everywhere will be calling out sick so they can watch the drama unfold live is the track and field competition. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone at my job.   The rivalry between Team USA, Britain and Jamaica has been brewing for the longest and its time for the smack talking to cease and for everyone to put out.  (Did I say that right?) Anyways, I won’t be missing a second, and I am definitely not missing the opening ceremony when both Jamaica and Team USA will step out and face the world in their much talked about Olympic opening ceremony uniforms.  Aye sah! So there will not be any further updates or amendments to this post like I’ve done for the first two earlier this week.

What I am wearing:

Last Saturday I went to an outdoor jazz concert and although the day was nice,  the evening sun was not.  Real estate for shady areas of the park was scarce so I opted to make my own shade with this $15 broad brim hat that I bought from one of the vendors.  I did a mirror check before I bought the hat, but in trying to get maximum protection from the sun I twisted the brim, without the benefit of a mirror, and the result was this beat-up, dulcimina looking hat. For some odd reason, I really like it.  The dress is by International Concepts and was a Macy’s sales rack find, sometime before 2007.  (Read: 7 Ways to Keep Your Clothes Looking New ). The shoes, I bought on South Beach many moons ago when I vacationed there. I wore this outfit, minus the dulcimina, to my company picnic on Wednesday.

Ossie took this photo.

One love, Natasha


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  1. Great hat, great dress and great sandals! I love the entire look, Natasha! As for the Olympics, I love it all! The pomp and circumstance of the opening ceremonies and ALL the sports. I have a hard time moving away from my tv during the olympics. But yes…track and field is the highlight for me! I am a former track athlete and this is what I wait for every 4 years. LOVE it!
    Tavia recently posted..Python Pumps Dressed Up &Down:BFSC!My Profile

  2. Natasha, the outfit is great with and without the hat. It’s something you’d see in a magazine, then the next thing you know, everybody has a hat with a crooked brim!
    I used to wish I was an ice skater. They’re so strong and graceful. The closest I got to that was roller skating. sigh….
    Sheila, Style Agent 909 recently posted..Just in Case…My Profile

  3. Looking fly girl, looking fly! And those shoes! I LOOOOVE ! 😉

    Stephanie 🙂
    Glam Slam! recently posted..Summer StripesMy Profile

  4. Love your summer dress and the hat. Many people can’t pull off a big brimmed hat like that, but you look great.

    I’m a big gymnastics fan too; it was Cathy Rigby and Olga Korbut who inspired me back in the day. I was a gymnast throughout grade school and junior high….and then I found theater and best of all dance..bye, bye gymnastics. I still love to watch it,though.
    Lisa Walter recently posted..My thrifted, girlie prettiesMy Profile