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Cute and Cheap Merona Dress For Work

People always tell me that they can tell when I am angry because that  is when my Jamaican accent comes out.  With that said, what a piece of mix-up and blender over on the supposedly community of Independent Fashion Bloggers,  (aka heartifb.com).  I only wish I had waited to buy my IFBCon ticket and book my hotel room because after that appalling post and their even more appalling attempt at damage control, I am not feeling IFB, their founder or their conference.

I am not going to attempt to rehash the drama that opened the floodgates of emotions from bloggers, who like me, work very hard to grow and maintain our publishing endeavors (aka our blogs). There are plenty of well-articulated, balanced, posts around the blogosphere which includes the history and here are a few of them:

If you are a blogger/publisher, or a woman who comes to my site because you are feeling under represented elsewhere, I strongly recommend that you read those posts and add your voice because we can’t have the blogging community mirroring mainstream media and that is what is taking place.

Word of advice, it’s better that you voice your opinion on these offsite posts because it seems that the sargeant of arms of moderation feels that the “pot meet kettle” comments have reached capacity on the IFB site. Also, the people who were trying to add constructive criticism in the wake of the post(s) are being labeled as “bullys”… Can you imagine the audacity of these people to label us as bully’s because of our dissenting opinions?

In any case, here is my Friday outfit post (consistent posting schedule) featuring, little ole me with my graying forehead and temples, in my size 10 frame (relatable and honest) wearing a $10 dress (nothing to aspire or covet because you can actually afford this!) that I bought (nope, not a c/o piece) at Target.

By the way, I was planning to make a few changes to this blog in the next few weeks. In the wake of the IFB controversy, I am open to your suggestions on ways that I can improve this blog so that it meets your needs as well as mine (to inform, educate, and entertain). 

Ossie took these photos!

Love unuh, Natasha

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  1. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This article posted
    at this site is truly pleasant.
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  2. I’m so late reading this but it makes me do much moor grateful for the #BLM Facebook.group/community. Merona is a good Tar-jay brand. I may still own some old pieces. Dress is one of my favorite colors plus I like the way it is cut.

    • Thanks Kerissa. I usually wear this with the chest pinned or with a scarf covering the deep v. I’m not big on displaying the girls. I really have to become more active on the #BLMchats. There is a lot value in community, especially when it comes to blogging.

  3. Natasha, I wasn’t able to read the original blog post on IFB that brought all this about, but I know it got some hackles up. Thanks for bringing attention to it.
    Oh…love the dress from Target!
    Sheila, Style Agent 909 recently posted..Yellow JacketMy Profile

  4. For me, one of the GOOD things that has come out of this firestorm is being introduced to a bunch of new blogs such as yours! Love the photos, and the dress looks fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  5. Hello ladies. Thanks so much for your feedback and for adding your voice to this very important conversation. I am at work and since they know that I have a blog I try my best to limit my internet and smart phone usage. I will respond to each of you, individually later this evening.
    Natasha recently posted..Cute and Cheap Merona Dress For WorkMy Profile

  6. Well said! I read the original post after reading Ty (Gorgeous in Grey) posted her response. I actually gave up on IFB a long time ago it seemed as if they only promoted certain types of people and continually over looked others. And like Bella said all I did was get request from other bloggers begging me to follow them, lol. I myself love all times of blogs, from the regular “my dress is from Target, my pumps are Payless and I shop at the Goodwill regularly” to the “I only wear high-end clothing” types. Everyone contributes something different but the whole point of that article was waaaaaay off and came across as offensive. I am sure their following will dwindle significantly because of this.

    A great way to get feedback on your blog is to conduct a survey, I did one earlier this year and it helped tremendously. My readers mentioned things I had completely over looked like a search feature, lol.

    Any who on to the good stuff! Love the dress I saw it at my local Target but the stripes were multi-colored and I wasn’t sure if I was really feeling it. However you look fantastic rocking your $10 dress that is totally relateable to me and my Target clothing addiction. Keep up the good work!!!!!
    Shea recently posted..Poised and PolishedMy Profile

    • Yes, the usual suspects who, as a few people have pointed out, are not even part of the IFB community. Don’t get me wrong, I read those blogs. Yes, the price tags are not in my range, but style is style and the ones who are really great do a really good job of putting outfits together. Maybe as “affordable style bloggers” we can show our readers how to recreate those high-end looks with realistically priced alternatives. Hey, more inspire, less aspire. There was a show called “Look For Less” on television that did this. I know a few bloggers who are doing “Look for Less” posts but, it is based on the style of celebrities.

      Thanks for the survey suggestion. I love Target! I am regretting not buying a green skirt and dress that I saw there a few weeks ago.

  7. What a gorgeous smile you have!! I’ve been following the IFB dustup retroactively, and have been discovering so many really fabulous blogs as a result. Yours is one, and I’ll be following!
    déjà pseu recently posted..Spotted…My Profile

  8. Natasha, can I covet your dress anyway? Those are the best-feeling dresses, perfect and on sale 🙂

    You know what an idiot I am – I didn’t even know there was an Independent Fashion Bloggers anything until I read Alison Gary’s post on the issue, but I guess that’s just as well, ’cause they don’t want no 50-year old short white lady wearing used clothes in their club, huh? As I commented at Alison’s post, I want to see real women that look like my friends, family, and me – peeps I can relate to. I think they are all so beautiful, and I enjoy their unique, living and loving life-in-the-real-world perspectives.
    Practical Paralegalism recently posted..Paralegal Career Dressing: A New WatchMy Profile

    • Ha, ha! Yes, I joined IFB a few weeks after launching my blog last May. After perusing their site, it seemed like a really great tool and community to be a part of. However, like Bella from Citizen Rosebud I was immediately turned off with the flood of “follow me and I’ll follow you back requests”. Because of this, I didn’t log into my account for a few months, but I was still interested enough in the organization to attend their September 2011 conference, etc.

      It’s great to be a part of blogging communities. I don’t have the luxury of having a group of people around me who blog or understand the technical aspects of the tools that I use or even understand why I do it. My support came/comes from online blogging communities, specifically Blogtrends. I am the front-end and back-end of my blog and although those video’s from Lynda.com helped tremendously, the information that I was able to gleam from Blogtrends chat participants has been invaluable and has assisted me with the growth of my blog.

      I don’t know when things started going downhill at IFB, but I did notice the emergence of what I call breakout support groups like Style Bloggers of Color and BLMGirls and from my experience in community organizing, that usually happens when people start feeling invisible. Other formal blogging communities that I know of and have experience with includes: iFabbo (mainly beauty and Australian bloggers) and SITsGirls (mostly parenting bloggers). I highly recommend Blogtrends though. They have an hour long chat (aka major information sharing) Monday nights at 9 pm on twitter. Follow the #blogtrends hashtag.

  9. I just found your site a few weeks ago and love it! It’s so encouraging to see different women on their style journeys – and you have a great eye. I probably would have walked right by this dress in Target, but I love it when I see it on you.

    Keep on keepin’ on, please!

    • Hi Nadya,
      Thanks so much for your feedback. I think all bloggers should do an assessment of their blogs every 6-months or at the least, annually to make sure that their intended goals (not just traffic and brand courting) is meeting the needs of the people who read it.

  10. I love this post!!! I “found” you a few months agO and, through you, I’ve discovered a plethora of blogs that I can both relate and aspire (philosophically not financially) to! And you are certainly in that group! Serene
    Serene recently posted..NUETP: The Black Pointy Toe PumpMy Profile

    • Hi Serene,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I am glad that you enjoyed today’s post and that you have found the information that I present on my blog resourceful. I have done a few “blogs you should peep” posts and I think I will make that a regular feature going forward.

  11. Hello lovely! Thanks for including my post up there. I truly believe that crisis = opportunity and this IFB snafu has been a wake up call for so many. We can unite together- let’s focus on making the diverse more accessible to all! I want to focus on the many quality bloggers who inspire me with their style- perhaps not best suited for the corporate sponsors, but can have a great impact on the public at large and show that grand style is for everybody!
    Bella Q recently posted..It’s not YOU, it’s me: an open letter to IFBMy Profile

    • How could I not include your post. You said so much of what I (and probably many others) was feeling and wanted to say. By the way, I saw Taylor’s letter of apology today. I am glad that she took the initiative to pen that very sincere apology.

  12. You look great in this dress.

    The post above is a very accurate reflection of my thoughts on the topic as well.
    I love the real-ness of the particular blogs that I follow. I don’t follow any of the blogs that IFN touts as ideal.
    IFB’s message is that anyone who doesn’t meet the ‘lofty’ standards of IFB shouldn’t have voice, but should be quiet little sheep followers while the ‘ideal standard’ bloggers enjoy the accolades.

    What a shame they don’t have a real clue about what ‘average women’ wants. What a shame that they really don’t understand that those ‘average women’…you know the ones not up to IFB standards…drive the retail clothing market and the blogging community.
    Lisa Walter recently posted..Feeling Just a Tiny Bit Retro…and a Little TreatMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your comment above. I suspect part of their motivation for promoting those bloggers was all about the “Benjamins” and competition from Lucky Magazine who now has a bloggers collective made up of some of those same bloggers.

      The landscape of blogging has really changed, even since I entered it last year. It’s less about the independent voice and all about the money. Of course, there is nothing wrong with money. As a matter of fact, I was hoping that my blog would turn into a nice little side hustle for me, but I just don’t have the heart to write something to the effect of “these $1200 heels is a must have for Fall”. Maybe they think aligning themselves with those bloggers will win them cool, klout, and brand points but for many of us the only points that they are winning are “sell out” ones. As community leaders, I would hope among other things that people are calling them out on, that they would make an effort to regulate some of the ethical wrongs that is happening and not adding to them.

      By the ways here is a great post from Cecily Kellogg who is now on the blogging fence because of the monetization aspect.

      Natasha recently posted..Cute and Cheap Merona Dress For WorkMy Profile

  13. I’m a recent follower of your blog, and a shy/awkward lurker so I’m afraid to say this might be one of my only comments, but:

    Thank you for the great link round up. And you should make whatever changes you want to your blog, it’s YOURS after all, but I love your posts. A great mix of outfit posts, fashion tips, confidence tips, current trends, fashionable goings-on, etc. I also love what you and several others do, looking around for items similar to what you’re posting, in a mix of price ranges. Granted, when I’m inspired to shop by a blogger, I almost always head to eBay or the Goodwill, but it’s always nice to click on a link and not choke on my lunch at the cost.

    So thank you for your great blog!

    • Welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. True, but although I have my own goals for this blog, I think it’s wise to solicit feedback to make sure that I am in fact meeting those goals. (-: