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Turquoise Blouse and Cream Pants

Funny story!

Despite today’s ominous forecast I went ahead with my decision to wear this lovely, cream pants. Because of the forecast, I should have really opted for a darker color, but my style formula is print, color, and neutral and since the print was missing , I decided to go for texture and the pants fulfilled this requirement.  In any case, I’ve come to realize that it’s impossible to put the words “Connecticut weather forecasts” and “accurate” in the same sentence so despite the graphics of dark clouds with lightening bolts going through it and the same warning echoing from the radio and television stations, I sashayed out of my house this morning wearing this.

All was going great, until hunger reared its ugly head and in response, I made my way down to the deli run by my favoritest Greeks for my usual: egg, cheddar cheese and tomato on an English muffin.  That little deli is chock full of good food, friendly and fast service and REALLY excellent coffee which I decided while I was waiting that I had to have a cup of.   So there I was, my $2.75 sandwich was in process and I was feening for a $1.75 cup of coffee, but only had $3.50 in my hand.  The Greeks and I are really cool, so cool in fact that I confidently and boldly announced that it was free coffee Thursday and poured one.

Back at my desk, I unpacked my sandwich,  took the first bite, readjusted the tomato and proceeded to take the first sip of my deeply discounted cup of coffee (it wasn’t free he took the $3.50).  Apparently I didn’t fix the lid properly and just like that, my discounted coffee oozed out through the bottom of the lid, down my turquoise blouse and onto my lap.  I am not sure about you, but when these things happen I get on a loud speaker and just announce it. Besides, it’s just better to make a general announcement about such things than going through the embarrassment of explaining individually why there was a humongous brown stain on my lap.

Now that the word was out about my spill, I stuffed my shirt with paper towels to keep the wet fabric far from me and went back to my sandwich.  Wouldn’t you know the cheese slid out, down my shirt and onto my lap.  This time I kept quiet because after I was sure no-one else saw, I put the rest of the cheese back into the sandwich (yes, I am one of those people) and went for my third bite. Wouldn’t you know the tomato slid out of the sandwich…. Do you really need me to continue?  I don’t know if it was karma, bad luck or what, but what makes this even funnier for me, is that just a few weeks ago I wrote, Rules for Wearing White Right . I guess I should update it.

Turquoise Blouse and Cream Pants

 What I am Wearing!

Top: Turquoise blouse is from Marshalls ( also worn with: with leopard print skirt and with red pants from Express)

Pants: Editor pants from Express

Shoes: Jessica Simpson pumps

Ossie took these photos of me!

By the way, it’s 11:40 pm and it still hasn’t rained.

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Actually, I want the deets on the necklace – very cool! I agree with Robin re the fantastic photos and terrific outfit. But you basically just described why I own very, very few white clothes…lol.
    Practical Paralegalism recently posted..Paralegal Career Dressing: Neon Pink SignMy Profile

  2. Oh Natasha that sounds horrrrrrrrible but if it helps you had me rolling. We’ve all Been there girl! Plus side? You look gorgeous and your photos are flawless!

    • Hangs head in shame, retreats to bed. I am just kidding, Lol! I am glad you laughed. Trust I was laughing too. The whole thing was just unbelievable. I am actually heading down to do my laundry. I added some blue, so I hope that will be enough to get the stain out