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Usain Bolt, Next Top Model?

Say what you want about Usain Bolt (arrogant, conceited, insane, full of himself) but in addition to his record breaking speed, the man has so much unbridled enthusiasm and charisma that you can’t resist being drawn to him. There is speculation if Bolt will be able to pull a three-peat in Brazil.  He will be 29 then and for those of us who are planning to turn Brazil out, we can only hope that the show man will be healthy and fit enough to at least show up at the 2016 Olympic games to strike his famous Jamaica to the world pose.

Just in case, the track and field thing doesn’t work out (although he has super hero speed, we know he is only human and is therefore prone to those injuries that shoot up out of nowhere and leaves stars limping from the track ala Asafa Powell) Usain is considering a second career. We know his first love was cricket and he has put the word out that he is interested in trying out for the Manchester United Soccer Club. However, from where I am looking, I think Bolt has a future in modeling. Svelte.  Flawless complexion. Personality. Bone structure. Model.

Images via Usain Bolt’s Facebook Fan page.

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  1. Bwoy does know how to rock a suit. And that infectious personality…… The dude you love to hate or hate to love