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And The Award For Best Wardrobe Basic Goes To

Man these leather shorts certainly got a lot of mileage this year. I am embarrassed to admit that when inspiration didn’t come I grabbed the shorts and then shut my eyes and reached into my closet.  They really look great with everything and works for almost every informal occasion. I highly recommend that you add one to your closet.

It’s not the award winner, but the other item that got a lot wear this year is this indigo blue top. This top along with the dress from Monday’s post, was one of the two items that was gifted….ok that I wrangled from my designer friend when I visited his studio recently.  It is so incredibly versatile and can be dressed up ( with a maxi skirt) or down (skinny jeans, or shorts); or worn under a jacket. I highly recommend that you add this staple if you don’t already have one.

I got a few queries about the locations of my photo shoots. So for those of you who are wondering, the photos were taken outside of City Hall in Hartford, Connecticut.  By the way the shiny doors are real brass (so I heard) and were restored recently. I’ve included a picture of the weathered doors which I actually prefer.  The orange  sculpture is Alexander Calder’s ‘Stegosaurus’ sculpture which sits between City Hall and the Wadsworth Atheneum. The fountains were also restored recently along with that checkered patio (I’ve never noticed it before).

What I am Wearing

Printed scarf from Forever21

Nigel Ramsay lndigo blue top

Dollhouse booties from Marshalls

Ossie took these photos!

 What is the one (or two) items in your closet that you absolutely killed this year… (by killed I mean wore it to death)?

XoXo, Natasha


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  1. Love the outfit! I’m a love of shorts myself. Those are absolutely adorable. The scarf tied everything together nicely. Saw my Trinidad flag swaying on a building.
    Dixie recently posted..Currently LovingMy Profile

    • Yes that’s your flag on our City Hall. Hartford has a very large West Indian population and the flag was raised on City Hall in Honor of Trinidad’s 50th year of Independence.

  2. Loving the bold scarf and those boots.

    My poor tan New Look wingtips are crying out! I dont care because I wear them with everything. Been wearing them for over a year and I should be ashamed to say I have not even so much as wiped them off. Gonna send you a pic.
    My black pants, custom made by my tailor, never lets me down.

    • Arrrrrggghhhh!!!! So I have finally found some tailors here in my neck of the woods (none of them cheap by the way) but they make repairs only unlike Jamaica where you can ask a tailor to build a dress, suit or pants. I really wish I could find someone who does that here at a reasonable price. There are some items that I really love, but I can’t ever seem to find in my size and for my short torso. If I had access to a tailor this would be solved. Waiting to see these shoes and tailored pants. We know how you long.!!
      Natasha recently posted..7 Ways to Make the Jump from Frump to Casual ChicMy Profile

  3. you wonìt believe how much I’d love to wear shorts…but I am overweight and cannot….
    you look stunning: simple yet amaing outfit!

    • Hi Ylenia.
      I am from Jamaica where body image never used to be a big issue (we have a massive problem now but it doesn’t have to do with weight… more on that later) so seeing curvy women in shorts is not something that is foreign to me. I think self confidence and of course the right shorts makes a world of difference. I can’t remember the name of the blog right this minute, but she put out a challenge for curvy women this year and dared them to wear items that society traditional tells us is not right for certain body types. The response was massive and inspirational…
      Natasha recently posted..7 Ways to Make the Jump from Frump to Casual ChicMy Profile

  4. I really love the animal print scarf with the outfit! You’ve really made the leather shorts very classy.

    The articles that I wore to death were a couple of simple summer dresses. It was exceptionally hot in Milwaukee and light and simple was the way to go for me.
    Corleen recently posted..Meeting Steve Madden at Boston StoreMy Profile

  5. Lovely outfit, adore the boots! Love em!
    Bree recently posted..Date NightMy Profile

  6. I, too, was really surprised at how versatile my leather shorts ended up being. I love when you wear these Natasha! you look great in them!
    Frannie Pantz recently posted..Threesome Thursdays–Striped Pleated DressMy Profile

  7. Love those shorts! What a chic way of styling leather shorts!

    Heather recently posted..Friday Find: DIYMy Profile

  8. This is a wonderful outfit! The shorts are fantastic. I like that they’re a dressier cut, not short and tight. I love the proportions and how you chose a wedge bootie. And the black and red animal-print scarf is to die for!

    Funny – Seattle has an orange metal sculpture that’s really similar to the one you showed here. I bet it’s by the same artist.

    I was just thinking of the items that got a lot of use this year. My red skinny jeans for sure. And a pair of black Fluevog boots that you might not think would go with a lot (but do). I don’t wear them together though!
    Jean of all Trades recently posted..Thrifty Thursday: Plaid JeansMy Profile