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Shop Fall 2012 Hottest Trend, Burgundy/Oxblood Red

There is always what the style elite say and what is actual, but this burgundy/oxblood/bordeaux red trend for Fall is official y’all.  The color dominated the fancy windows of the high-end retailers in Manhattan and the trend was confirmed the minute I stepped into the H&M at the corner of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street and saw the sea of blood.  I actually think it’s a wonderful color for this season and one that works with all skintones.  Here are a few of my favorite picks for my fellow queens of cheap.

This gorgeous 100% imitation leather burgundy jacket would look great with jeans over a dress or with a skirt and boots.  A similar high-end version from balenciaga sold for $2,595.00  The H&M version is only $49. Available in size 2-14

Repeat after me, FABULOUS! This ankle-length stretch cotton tapered leg pants , also from H&M is perfect for work or for an evening out if paired with a voluminous fancy top. The best part about the pants is the price. Similar ones sell for over $300. This one will set you back $17. Available in size 2-14


I know from experience that these H&M imitation leather pants run extremely small and I tried on a size 12 in lieu of my size 10 on Saturday. It didn’t fit! There wasn’t a size 14 available in the store so I can’t tell you to try to get these 2 sizes larger than what you actually wear. It’s saving grace is probably the stretch fabric which looks just as great live as it does here in this photo. Similar looks sell for over $1100. Again, for my queens of cheap and chic, this one is only $34. This is also available in black and white in my Lyst.  Available size 2 -14.

This plaited shopper bag is $159 and is available at Zara.  Yes, its $59 over my normal recommendations but it’s a handbag, and if you are like me, you are going to carry the bag daily until you eventually get bored with it. Even if you only carried it for 30-days, the cost breaks down to $5.30 per day.  The more my style evolves the more I am realizing that there ARE three things that we should invest a little more in and that is underwear, shoes and handbags.  It’s a beautiful bag that can take you from fall to winter and is a great way to show that you are not “so last year.”


I want to know what your feelings are on this year’s “it” color. Do you agree that the one item you should invest in if you want to be “in on the trend”: is the handbag? I am looking forward in hearing from you.

XoXo, Natasha


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  1. Oh yes! Bring on the burgundy. I have several pieces already because I really like that color. I wouldn’t mind a few more pieces.
    As for that purse, I do believe in spending a little more on things like that, especially shoes. I like how you break down the price of the item into days of use…I do that too when I’m trying to justify a large purchase to myself…hehe
    Sheila, Style Agent 909 recently posted..What I’ve Been Missing…My Profile

  2. I looove that bag and if I had over a hundred to put on a bag this autumn, I would pick that one for sure!
    Charlotta, Afternoon Apparel recently posted..Draw the lineMy Profile

  3. That is a very cute bag! You raise a good point. You really have to love a bag, because it’s like a conjoined twin; you never quite escape it. I’m usually wary about investing in trends, but even if it disappears next fall, dark red/burgundy/oxblood/chianti is still going to be a gorgeous color. I’m probably drawn to it because I think it might be flattering for someone as pasty as I am–like could-use-whiteout-for-concealer pale. I love those H&M pants! They look like a pair I saw on the JCrew website, except, you know, not exorbitantly expensive. Thank you for curating these trendy but affordable picks for us! : )