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Red and Black Sheer Top and Black Harem Pants

So long summer! Thanks for your many 90+ degree days and subsequently, my very high CL&P bill.  This goes down as yet another summer that I didn’t make it to those “pristine” beaches of New Hampshire, nor did I get to exercise those green thumbs as I planned and the six pack that I have been hoping for since 1997 didn’t appear this summer either. But just the same as I said last year, there will always be next year and until then, here is my last sheer  for the season.

Black and Red Sheer Top with Black Harem PantsBlack and Red Sheer Top with Black Harem PantsBlack and Red Sheer Top with Black Harem Pants

What I am Wearing:

Hat (Dress Barn)

Top: Red and Black top (thrifted)

Bottom: Black Harem pants (Rainbow)

Ossie took these photos!

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  1. Though I’ve been reading your blog for a while, I have never commented before. I just wanted to say, I think you write really well, I’ve found many of your posts really inspiring, and this particular look is really chic! You look great in those harem pants–a phrase I never expected to speak or type in my life!

    • Hi Mere.
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I bought this harem pants a few weeks ago when I was too far from my home to change into something more “appropriate” for an evening out. It was a deep discount chain and it was the only thing in the store that I felt comfortable buying. I was surprised that they were actually still selling these, but I actually like them. No fear of the drop crotch here. (-:

      • I remember seeing someone in harem pants in person for the first time at an airport (don’t laugh, I live in Kansas–it’s a little like being an American colonist in the 18th century and it takes a while for the styles to cross the Atlantic) and thinking, “everything that Glamour article said about the diaper look is true.” Anyways, that’s totally beside the point in your look and they do look great on you!