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Hartford, Connecticut Fashion and Beauty Event

I misspoke a little during last week’s #blogtrends chat on twitter.  I was having big city envy (there I admit it) and ended up tweeting out, for the chat participants and the world to see, some rather harsh criticism regarding fashion or actually lack of it (resources, events) in this city.  While we certainly don’t have as much resources, talent or events as the bigger cities, the truth is there is certainly a great and growing network of talent and fashion savvy individuals who live and work here.

One of them is a group called Vaz who will be presenting their bi-annual Style Hartford event this Thursday September 20, 2012 at the very posh  Society Room in Hartford. The event is being billed as

“a night of shopping, pampering, socializing and entertainment featuring designers from CT, NY, RI  showcasing the looks of  Fall  2012 & Spring 2013.”

I actually attended their event earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised. I mean, just check out their amazing list of exhibitors and check out some of the shots that I captured when I attended the last event.

Style Hartford



I am publishing this in support of the individuals who are producing this event.  I am also publishing this in the hopes that it will inspire my other “small town/city fashionista’s” to take the initiative and to try something like this in your neck of the woods. It’s such a great way to build on something that you already have a passion for.

By the way, it’s been a week of discovery since I posted my comments on twitter. I came across a blogging group known as Connecticut Bloggers and discovered a few of these Connecticut based fashionsta’s as a result.  Here are some other Connecticut publishers with blogs that you should definitely peep.

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The Girly Bird

Closet Fashionista

Sartorial Sidelines

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Daniel Trust

XoXo, Natasha


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  1. It looked like you had a good time. Thanks for the “shout out” about the group and feel free to invite your Connecticut Fashionista blogger friends to the group too. Did you know there are two Macy’s fashion events coming up that some of us are going to? The details are on the private FB group page.