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Alternatives to Coconut Oil for Dry, Itchy, Winter Skin

Once the temperature drops and the heat kicks on, my skin goes from dry and ashy to dry, ashy AND itchy.  Based on the “winter skin” advice that I’ve been reading across the net, it seems that coconut oil is the NEW recommended cure-all to fight this seasonal travesty. I am always willing to try something new to address my winter skin, but coconut oil? I don’t think so.

I am from Jamaica so I am not adverse to coconuts.  I use it in my rice and peas; I am a big consumer of coconut water (any brand but Zico); and coconut oil was actually the only cooking oil that we used before we were introduced to the likes of Crisco which was shipped to the island by our expat relatives in trailer loads.  I really don’t want to walk around smelling like macaroons all day, however.  And for the people who say they “slather” it on before they hit the shower, that just sounds like they are creating some really hazardous and slippery, conditions in their tubs.

Here are some great alternatives that helps me to keep coconut oil in my kitchen and off of my vanity.

My Winter Defense

1) Oatmeal Body Wash – I think this was originally formulated to help people that were suffering from chickenpox. It’s worked wonders for me because it addresses both the dryness and itching factor.  My favorite brand is St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Wash ($3.97). I am currently using a fragrance free oatmeal wash that I found at the Family Dollar store, that works just about the same. I highly recommend that you use this with a textured wash cloth which helps with exfoliation.

2) Aloe Vera -Your hoo haas and nether regions need moisturizing too. I try to stick with aloe vera (100% pure, alcohol free) for these sensitive areas. I am currently using the CVS brand ($3.00).

3) Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion ($3.99)- St. Ives brand Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion is great all over body moisturizer.  It absorbs quickly, leaves my body soft and moisturized and doesn’t leave a greasy film or residue which I would expect you will get from coconut oil.

4) Shea Butter ($20.00) – St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter lotion, doesn’t have much affect on my lotion resistant feet, elbows and knees. I use Carol’s Daughter Shea Souffle to address these areas.  Shea souffle is a little heavier (not as greasy as coconut oil)  and works well. The scent is the issue that I have with this product and unfortunately, Carol’s Daughter products are notorious for being heavy on their perfumes.

5) Vaseline Lip Therapy – ($1.97) Dry, ashy lips is another winter burden. Vaseline Lip Therapy is thicker than its petroleum jelly cousin and keeps my lips moisturized all day.

 Have a beautiful Tuesday.

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Coconut oil really doesn’t have an overpowering scent. When it gets heated up that wonderful smell permeates the house (and makes your johnny cakes delish). I use it on my face, hair and body and find that it is easily absorbed and gives my greys a sparkle . Also pour some in any cheap ass lotion and be amazed. A spoonful each morning taken orally does wonders for the insides and lubricates the skin from within.

    • I am not sure about the teaspoon of oil thing and I doubt that I would try it on my very sensitive and acne prone skin that has finally cleared up. I will try the organic brand though as recommended by the commenter below. I promise to post an update (initial reaction, results, etc.)

  2. Natasha, I’m glad someone broached this itchy topic – winter itch hit me especially hard this year, but I’m bad for unwinding in way too long hot showers. I’m swearing by Aveeno’s body wash and lotion to moisturize sensitive skin. Plus, I’m exiting the shower much quicker these days 😛

    • Hi Lynne.
      I started experiencing the winter itch after moving to Syracuse, NY for school. We all thought it was the water at first but the problem continued even when I came home on break. I don’t pay for water in my condo (not directly anyways) so I also stand in the shower until the hot water runs cool. I saw the Aveeno products, but the St. Ives are so much more cheaper. I think when I run out again, I will try Aveeno just for comparison. Curel also has a lotion that addresses the itch, but I haven’t been able to find it in any stores here as yet.

  3. I too am from the islands and suffer from very dry skin but the Organic Coconut Oil has worked wonders for my skin. The organic coconut oil does not have a scent compared to regular coconut oil. It also absorbs into your skin very quickly and the biggest plus for me…. it last all day! I also noticed that the few stretch marks I have began fading since using it. You should give it a try! 😉

    Great post, btw! I will have to try the Aloe Vera.

    • Hi SouthFlaCutie Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comment on my blog. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to walk into Whole Foods and do a smell test so I have to take your word that the organic one does not have a scent. Since that is my biggest reason for not using it, I will try to find one. I’ll just keep it in the kitchen if the smell is too much for mem. (-: I will post my results at that time.

  4. good to know! temperatures here in Italy are going to fall this weekend and I need to make myself ready for Winter….

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette
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    • Hi Ylenia,
      This problem is exasperated if you live in an area that uses “hard water”. If you can’t find any of these products just use oatmeal.