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Five Ways to Find Blogging Inspiration

I realized early in my blogging  journey that sometimes I was overly inundated with blog post ideas (this usually happens during the day when I am sitting at my desk). There were other times when inspiration or ideas just wouldn’t come. I know I am not the only blogger who has experienced this because it has been the topic of discussion on several of the blogging communities that I belong to. (Shoutout BLMGirls and BlogTrends).  Here are five things that help to keep me focused, inspired and motivated when I am feeling blogger burn out.

1. Keep A List of Ideas

Whenever I have those flashes of brilliance, I transfer them immediately to a notebook. I know most people keep their’s on a calendar, but I keep mine on a list.  It would be too hard to maintain my blog post ideas on a calendar. Life happens and I like to keep my calendar as flexible as possible so  that I can accommodate those time sensitive posts or posts that are even more brilliant that the ones sitting in cue on my list. (Pssssst, this post is from that list…).

2. Cover local events/people that are relevant to your niche

I know you have seen a lot of Macy’s, and designer features on my blog of lately.  In all honesty, I find these posts easier to write because they have a focus. (Don’t judge me!  I know that I am not the only one that has writer ADD which causes the topic to shift 5 or even 10x’s as you are writing it). Attending these events or featuring people is also a great distraction from my every day pattern and I’ve found that I can get inspirational ideas from the smallest things in a new setting or meeting a new person.

3. Diversify your posts

I guess this kind of goes hand in hand with number 2 but this is something that I have been struggling with for a long time because although I love fashion, sometimes I feel trapped by my chosen niche.  At one point I thought about launching a separate “everything” blog that would give me the freedom to post about every topic that is relevant to me. However, maintaining one blog is enough. Nonetheless, don’t be surprised if you see beauty products, interior design postings, New England tourist haunts or other none style related topics in the near future on this blog.

4. Keep tear sheets from magazines – I keep magazine articles that are a collection of trendy items like a Statement Blouse (yes, that post was also taken from my list).  I started to organize my growing collection of tear sheets in a three ring binder and every now and then when the mind is completely blank, I flip through it and when I come across something that makes sense (seasonal, trend relevance) I use that as a jump off point for my own post.

5. Become Part of Blogging Community

Finally, there are a hell of a lot of talented fashion and personal style bloggers out there. I am just super grateful for the hundreds of fellow fashion enthusiasts who stop by this blog and take the time to read and share their thoughts. For the people who comment on here consistently you have become a part of my own community and I look to you for not only style, but also writing inspiration. In addition, I have joined and participate with (it’s not enough to join people, you have to be active) a number of blogging communities across the web for networking as well as inspirational purposes.  I especially like to look at style blogs whose aesthetics (i.e. vintage, punk) and region are different from mine.

What I am Wearing:

This is a photo from my blogging archives. I am wearing a hand sewn vintage dress that I found on eBay.  After launching my blog last year, I was inspired to try vintage styles after perusing KarlasCloset, TheCitizenRosebud and Sammy Davis Vintage.

  Photo Credit: Robert took this photo!

XoXo, Natasha


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  1. Love this dress so much. Feeling a wee bit of dress envy.

    • Thanks Lisa. (-: I really loved the bold black and white stripes on this dress so when I found it on eBay, I watched my bid like a hawk and came out victorious!

  2. What a great post Natasha and something I definitely needed to read today! I work really well with lists as well. I usually keep a little notebook in my purse for when the inspiration strikes, but I haven’t lately. Maybe it’s time to get another one up and running . . .

    You look beautiful in that first shot too, btw.
    Frannie Pantz recently posted..Taking AdvantageMy Profile

    • Hey Robin, there is an epidemic of the blues striking bloggers all around, including me. I was glad that I could reach for this list. Highly recommend that you get your list up and running again. (-: Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Great ideas! I love it – especially the tear sheets – I do that too!
    How do you get such awesome photos? Are you taking them yourself or do you get a professional photog??? Nice!!!
    JulieK recently posted..A third of a year… {4 months old!}My Profile

    • Thanks Julie. I’ve tried taking my own photos but I haven’t learned the correct setting for the camera to produce high quality photos. I get help from a friend and relative.