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November 30, 2012 · 4 comments

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  • So I’ve been having a little bit of curve envy lately. For most women those curves translate to SEXY as illustrated by the blonde bombshell in the drawing above! This is why I am recommending as this week’s blog that you should peep.
  • BEST DRESSED goes to Folake over at Style Pantry.  It’s not even the individual pieces and the pairing of it that makes this outfit post so groundbreaking. It’s the fact that she is wearing a ginormous, bulky sweater without the worry of “does this make me look fat” that most women would have and manages to look stunning while doing so.
  • Excuse me for taking up your time to say a few words about the continuing tragedy that is Chris Brown. I am sure you have heard by now about his shocking and VULGAR exchange with comedian Jenny Jones on the most public place ever, TWITTER. What’s even more tragic is the fact that his hormone engulfed fans are calling for the head of Jones. Where are the mothers of these girls to lay down the “oh hell no’s” to their daughter’s support of him and why don’t these girls understand that the exchange was not only disrespectful to Jones, but to women in general.  It’s a fact that he was provoked, however, I would think that he would have learned how to handle his celebrity and the criticism and baiting that comes with the territory by now. His best response, should have been no response. I seriously wish that he would have exuded as much class in his real life as he does in these photos shot for Prestige Magazine as seen on One Nigerian Boy.  Sad!
  •  So Vino Alan is gone from the XFactor? As I told you “I am just someone who believes and knows from personal experience that what we wear affects our moods and influences how people perceive us.”  I think Vino had the most unique voice and was one of the better singers on the show. But people (especially Demi and Britney)  just couldn’t see past his 13th Street Gang looking exterior. Not to mention, you can’t pull off a classic R&B ballad in a thug life stance!
  • Farhana Nazir is skirting some serious controversy with her essay “Do blogger-brand collaborations put you off?”  Based on the wording and tone, I sense a little bit of hater nation in the post. But I could have misinterpreted her intentions wrong. In any case, I personally love the fact that designers and brands can pluck a popular blogger from out of obscurity (well not exactly) to represent them. I just wish they would pick more bloggers who represent the the general population and not bloggers who look like the same representatives they use in the glossies.
  • So I still have Robert’s old Nikon D50 that he loaned to me last month. He’s obviously not in any rush to retrieve it so I decided that it was time to learn how to use the camera beyond “Auto”. After Monday’s Blogtrends discussion, one of my fellow Connecticut Bloggers Bonnie Dingus (check out her post on  Maiden Nation) shared this post 8 Tutorials to Get Beautiful Holiday Photos with me on twitter. It’s a really great intro to DSLR’s and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to use their camera’s beyond the basic settings.

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