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My Views on News and Style From Around The Web 12/14/12

Celebrity Style Fail!

Joan Rivers and company is going to have a field day with these three. One of them is bound to be this weeks celebrity fash hoe.

  • So Kanye West stepped out in a skirt last night. *blank stare* Of course this was a publicity stunt, but there’s a part of me that wants this trend to catch on so that maybe, just maybe it could replace the sagging pants one. I seriously doubt it, but, Kanye may very well be the last man standing when Joan and company announces worst dressed this week.

Bargain and Thrifting Articles and Posts

  • I  was just talking to a designer friend of mine about not sleeping on this major shift that is taking place with shopping. Let’s face it, most everyone is shopping online these days. Even consignment brands are popping up online now. Read: Consignment Shopping, With Confidence, on The Web.

Enter to Win Something!

Best Dressed and Blogs You Should Peep

  • BEST DRESSED this week goes to Robin over at FranniePrantz. She had two really inspiring style posts this week. Read: Red Ball and Tutu Good.
  • I love FashionForBreakfast.com. If I had the time and resources this is the direction that I would love for this blog to move in.
  • I stumbled on Serena’s blog when I participated in Monday Mingles last week. She’s got great style and some serious frequent traveler miles. Checkout her travel, life and style blog TheSerenaSaga.com.

Thanks for reading. I love hearing from you so please feel free to leave your comments in the section below. 

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Enjoyed reading some of your blogs and seeing the different styles and color combination. I actually like the scarf/ sheet which Kravitz has flung across his body.