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My Views on News and Style From Around The Web

The Death of “Shame,” Privacy and “Suffer in Silence”

I knew these three principles were dead after reading Rob Kardashian’s rant about British pop star, Rita Ora who graces the cover of Glamour UK’s January 2013 issue. The relationship expired recently after Rita’s alleged  f*ck frenzy with 20 guys or so Rob asserted in his now deleted tweets.  As you know, the Kardashian’s are very comfortable with scandal. They built their empire on it so it was hard to figure out if Rob was having a tweeting diarrhea or if his tweets were for extra publicity for his just launched socks line.

The point of mentioning this is not about the Kardashian’s themselves. It’s the fact that people, not just Rob Kardashian, seem to be adopting the adage of my life is an open book.  I think people put their seriously, really personal business out there because most times they are looking for comforting words and in extreme cases attention. There are certainly people out there who exhibit empathy but for every compassionate, understanding person there is an asshole who celebrate in other’s drama, demise and hurt. It’s these assholes that aggravate and fan the flames of already emotionally charged situations and because of this, I would encourage people, especially emotionally high strung, reactor people to keep your controversial and scandalous issues to yourselves.

Blogging Boundaries

The following posts are related to privacy, but I didn’t want to put this under the heading above. Ok, you might think that I am a little biased because these are fellow bloggers and as blogger’s we open up about our personal lives, sometimes to seek catharsis and most times because we hope to serve as an inspiration.  The difference is that our writing tends to be well thought out and takes on a more problem solving approach vs. venting and name calling. I have posts on my blog that falls into this category, however, I am going to rethink publishing anymore of these, because the drama that is unfolding with these bloggers could definitely find me.

  • This one was really interesting. The focus was on a couple who carved out their blogging niche with their my life is an open book approach but as soon as divorce showed up, they closed the door which enraged some of their audience (they wanted the dirt too) and sparked a discussion on BlogHer’s facebook page and site. Read Blogging Boundaries: This part of my life is now off-limits.
  • This second post got me REALLY angry. After sharing her personal tragedy on her blog, can you believe that someone wrote to this blogger and had the audacity to tell her to hurry up and mourn her loss so that she could get back to her regular scheduled funny posts. Read Peace of Mind and Tempered Expectations.

Mixed Messages from “Natural Hair” Bloggers

When I decided to go natural in 2010, I turned to the internet for support and inspiration. What I found were a few die hard natural hair advocates and a lot more natural hair bloggers that were advocating for us to wear wigs, in my opinion, to cover up and hide our natural hair. Maybe this is why I fell off the natural hair train after 6 months. Tina addressed this in her post Wigs, Lace Fronts Worn by Natural Hair Gurus. 

Mixed Message from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Sorry for the profanity, but seriously WTF is this isht?  And you know the sad part about it, somebody will actually fork over the $55,000.00 for this crocodile leather, prescription pill. embellished bag.

Best Dressed and Blogs You Should Peep This Week

Thanks for reading. I love hearing from you. I am hoping that one of the items above will inspire you to start a “healthy discussion” in the comments section below. 

XoXo, Natasha

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