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Remedy for Crusty,Thirsty Feet

Ugghh, there is nothing that repulses me more than ugly feet and I saw the worse case of this last summer when I attended an outdoor concert in one of the nearby parks in my city.

I arrived early, secured a nice spot under a tree with great sight lines to the stage and laid out my blanket. I found a comfortable spot on the blanket and was getting ready to lose myself in a book before the band took the stage when Crusty and his crew arrived. Crusty and company planted themselves within arms reach directly in front of me. When I saw it I gasped, my face contorted as if a foul scent had wafted through the park and then the words “PUPPA JEEZAZ” filled my mouth before it exploded past my lips and into the air like a bottle of soda hopped up on mentos . It wasn’t the loss of my sight line nor an accident from one of the many dogs that were tethered to their owners that contorted my face, however, it was Crusty’s feet.  When Crusty removed his sandals he exposed sand paper like feet that were rusty, crusty and thirsty looking. Maybe he had just removed a cast from his leg or maybe he was suffering from a foot fungus or maybe Crusty just didn’t spend the time maintaining his feet before the opening of sandals season.

Maintaining one’s feet isn’t really hard. An application of lotion every now and then and a pedicure every once in a while usually does the trick. For more advance cases however a dab of  petroleum jelly (any brand will do) and a thick pair of socks can work wonders.  I learned this “beauty secret” from my Mom when I was growing up.  The trick is to apply the jelly to the feet before pulling on your socks at night. The combination of socks and petroleum jelly creates an environment which allows the feet to literally, marinate over night.  If this is repeated nightly, improvements are generally noticeable within a week or within two weeks for super advanced cases like our friend Crusty’s.

 Have yourself a beautiful Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Image via Flickr Creative Commons

XoXo, Natasha

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