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My Views on News and Style from Around The Web 1/11/2013



Beyonce strips for ratings?. I love Beyonce , but child please, you are a married, grown ass woman with a daughter. Ok, I admit that I am a little old school in some of my beliefs and one of them is that once you hit any one of these three things (married, have a child, over 30) that you now have certain responsibilities and ideals to uphold. Racy covers on a men’s magazine is not one of them! This girl is far too talented to stoop to these starlet type tactics. I don’t think this was Jay-Z approved and I wish the guys over at GQ (I am assuming they’re men) would quit with the sexy equals naked belief.

Look who else is covering magazines for February!  That Vogue Portugal one and the Harper’s Bazaar UK one, that is all!!!

CDC: Flu Officially At Epidemic Level. I think I know why this is epidemic is happening. There are some people who refuse to make a habit of washing their hands and when they do, they don’t use soap or they just let the water bounce up off their hands and then call it a day.  Because I unfortunately have to observe this travesty on a daily basis at my job, today I ran out to get the flu shot. I have to wait 14-days before it officially kicks in. This means that I am gonna have to remain vigilante for the next 2-weeks to protect myself.  I encourage you to do the same. I read a few reports today and the numbers are not good.

The Budget Babe has H&M Spring 2013 Lookbook! (Watch the video version!) This pains me to see this. As usual, all of the styles look so darn good, but I noticed over the last year that H&M just isn’t fitting me like it used to.  I can no longer fit into junior’s sizes. )-:

Prabal Gurung for Target! Target has really upped their style game in the last couple of years by collaborating with the best fashion designers. This time, they are working with Prabal Gurung and although the collection looks a little young, there are pieces that I think would be suitable for we ladies of a certain age.

Will Taylor Swift’s mom please stand up! If her mom is not available, I just wish someone would tell this child to keep her relationships a little more on the down low until she is sure that there is a chance in heaven that it is going to work. I’ve honestly lost count of how much times she has reportedly broken up with this guy or another and how much songs were inspired as a result. Geesh girl, reportedly you are being dumped for refusing to put out, but it’s still just not a good look for a young lady to be dating all these men.

This week on One Woman’s Style! In case you missed my posts, I added a peplum to my wardrobe, wore florals in winter and published a very long list of Social Media, Blogging Conferences and Fashion Events this week!

Blogs you should peep!

  • Wendy looks stunning in this DSquared dress and Akong London necklace. I would have never thought to pair two equally dramatic pieces like this together!
  • I seriously need to add yellow pants to my list of things that I Have to Have. Check out the look over on Dirty Hair Halo.
  • Over on Expressive Style Carrie shows us how to rock a high/low dress with combat boots and patterned stockings.

Wishing you all a safe and funtastic weekend!

XoXo, Natasha





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