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Not In Blogger’s Paradise!


Photocredit: David Haldane Photography
Photo credit: David Haldane Photography

Last Monday I made an unbelievable mistake by updating the theme that runs on the back-end of my site. New version is supposed to mean better version, right?  When I activated the theme, I knew there were a couple of things that were off, but from experience I knew those would be relatively easy fixes, or so I thought.  You see, in developing the new version the developer/developers of my theme forgot about their users. The product was not intuitive and was so different that I couldn’t even figure out how to change the size of  the fonts.  My quest to figure out this one simple thing sent me tumbling down exploration hill. I spent hours combing through forums and tutorial videos. When hours turned into days, I slid into a bottomless pit of regret and frustration.

Hopeless and desperate, I shelled out money to purchase a non-refundable skin for my site from a wonderful and helpful developer in Vietnam. When that didn’t work, I contacted the developer and he offered to assist me with some of the issues that I was having with it. However, as beautiful and responsive as the skin was, I couldn’t use it on my site because of the way it displays images. If this was a new blog, I would be golden but there was no way that I could go back through months of posts to re-size all of my images. To make a very long story short, I ended up reverting back to the version of the theme that I used before.

I totally see the potential of the new upgrade for my theme, but it was too complicated for non-technical users like myself and would require a HUGE learning curve which I just don’t  have the time for, especially at this stage in the life of my blog. Looking back, this was a WordPress and blogging headache that could have been avoided if 1) I had taken the time to do the research the reviews first and 2) if the developers at the company for my theme kept their users in mind and or even bothered to respond to my tweets and emails. Please take my experience as a warning for those of you who like myself, maintain their whole site. There are still obviously a few things that I still need to fix and honestly all of that exploring helped me to develop a better understanding of what I can do with this site. I’ll be playing around with it in the next few weeks, but for now, I am just glad that I am back to this version that I am used to.

What has been the most frustrating thing that you have experienced with your blog? 


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  1. *delurking* Sorry to read about your back-end problems. It really sucks when you want to make changes, and it ends up a bigger headache than one could imagine.

    To answer the question you posed, my biggest frustration (besides actually blogging with any regularity) was I was on WordPress (free) and wanted to do more, and knew that I needed to go to the paid version. But I didn’t want to have to continually deal with updates, decide on a host, really, all the back-end stuff. Also I was scared if I like got featured on Oprah or some fabulous craziness that I didn’t want to have to worry about a host shutting me down for too many hits (dream big, right?)

    So I switched to Squarespace, and I have not had one worry since. They handle all the back-end stuff, I pay a yearly fee and I make changes as I feel like it. They have an awesome help desk, and tutorials. I am still learning about code injection, but it’s all in on spot in my admin panel, so if something doesn’t work I know exactly what it is and how to take it out. If you have questions, please email me.
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    • Hi Glenyse,
      Thanks for sharing your story. In the world of blogging, we always hear about WordPress and Blogger so I am glad that you mentioned Squarespace to let people know that there are other options. I honestly never heard of the platform until a few months ago. As for free WordPress (aka WordPress.com), I helped a friend of mine put up a site a few weeks ago and the options are so limiting that I don’t even know why anyone would bother. I nearly did cartwheels when he told me never mind. (-:

      XoXo, Natasha

  2. OMG, this was my WHOLE 4TH QUARTER last year! I so know how you feel. It’s part of why I bailed on my blog. I was sick of looking at it, sick of working with it, and after the purchase of not one, but FOUR skins/templates (throwing money down the drain), I stayed with Thesis 1.8.whatever.

    I tried to upgrade to Thesis 2.0 and thought the same thing. That they called it an “upgrade” is criminal. It’s a whole new platform that does NOT automatically port your site over as it should. I’m extremely dissatisfied with the new Thesis, and we’re not the only ones. I actually did some research, contacted some Thesis/WP developers and even they weren’t jumping in immediately. Um, if the pros can’t adopt early, what chance do the rest of us have? I’m not going over until I am forced.

    Finally, this year, I’m getting some inspiration, tackling little upgrades here and there. Like you, if I get forced to Thesis 2.0, and they haven’t updated it to make it a heck of a lot easier, I may be going to Genesis too. We shall see.

    Hang in there, honey. I wish I had $5K to blow on a pro design, but since I don’t, I’ll continue to Google code and tweak one little thing at at a time. Maybe you should just take that approach too. Baby steps!
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    • Vahni you too? OMG, so the verdict is in! DIY THEMES THESIS VERSION 2.0 and greater SUCKS!!!!! I cut my WordPress, blogging teeth on thesis which up until their 2.0 upgrade WAS one of the most highly recommended by veteran bloggers. I really don’t know what Chris Pearson or whatever his name is was thinking when they released this atrocity. I knew I was going to be in trouble after watching one “happy” thesis 2.0 customer go through a 20-step process to make a 2-column layout. When I posted a few of my rants on twitter last week I thought I was all alone in the struggle until I stumbled onto a mine of complaints about the product (only of course after buying the skin).

      You have patience! FOUR skins? The entire 4TH QUARTER? No, I couldn’t deal! I’m waiting for the next upgrade. There are so many complaints, it would be business suicide if they don’t release a highly intuitive and proper fix.

  3. So sorry that you were having trouble I have learned by trial and error how to work my blog. I hired someone for one of my blogs and I did my magazine blog on my own and I have Genesis for that I love that platform. It does take time to figure out some bloggers and I actually give each other help when creating pages. If you need any help let me know and I will see what I can help you with.
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    • Hi Kita, Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving your comment. I only wish that I had the resources to hire someone to work on the back-end of my blog. However, there is so much behind the scenes tweaking and experimentation that goes on (well, I don’t know about anyone else, but in my world, this is the reality) that it was just best for me to learn to do this on my own. Thanks for the offer to help. I am not saying yes or no, I will keep it in mind for the future though. (-:

  4. if this was only half of what happened – i dare not ask about the rest. good thing is we, the readers, weren’t impacted an didn’t miss out on any of your content. glad you got it all worked out.
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    • DEEP BREATH!!! I have two wonderful people that help with the photos for my blog. One now lives in upstate New York and the other who lives locally underwent minor surgery earlier in January. The following week after his surgery he got into an car accident (totaled car, broken bones and the whole nine). Exactly one week after that accident, while he was on his way for follow-up x-rays he was rear-ended. The second accident –oddly enough happened right outside my car insurance agency. I was there to pick up a copy of my new insurance certificate. When I went outside, I saw the pile-up, looked, hoped no-one was seriously injured and then got in my car and drove over to Whole Foods for lunch. When I left, I drove right by the accident again and didn’t realize who it was until I got a text from him late that night. He wasn’t the one with the broken bones, but he is going to need a lonnnnnggggg recovery from the pain and swelling. So no photographer for now.

  5. Argh! What a nightmare!!!! I’m so sorry Natasha. That’s why I have Blogger–I have NO idea what I am doing. And when I wanted to change my blog design, I hired someone. I’m just not savvy enough to do it on my own. Hope it all works out soon!
    Frannie Pantz recently posted..Mission Monday #1: InspirationMy Profile

    • Ha! I only told half the story of my frustration. I actually looked on sites like guru.com for someone, but I wasn’t able to find any consultants who was offering their services for the version that I had. I am hoping that the company will come up with a better design for this unless I am going to end up moving over to Genesis. (-: