Short Dress Takes Its Place In The Donate Pile


Poor planning on my part was the reason for the absence from my blog for the last  few days. One of the challenges of being a part-time blogger is that you have to plan ahead and have several back-up plans in case plans A and B fail.  And in my world, plans A and B were epic fails this week.  It didn’t help either that I decided to pen a substantive posts for plan C and well there are now a few of those in various stages of development and all of them are far from being complete. This is why I had to dig deep into my photo archives to pull out this dress that I retired recently.

I bought this dress from… wait for it, Macys in 2006.  That was the year that I started working at my firm. That is also the year that I discovered that big firms give out monetary gifts known as bonuses.  A small portion of the bonus went towards this dress so it actually held some sentimental value.  It did it’s job though. I wore her to death and now it has finally taken its place in the donate pile.  I am still finding it odd that even with my recent weight gain that it fits (although a little closer) and zips with ease but for some reason cannot now pass the bend over test. That’s when you bend over to pick up something and then check the mirror to see how far the dress rides up for those of you that don’t know.  My “ride-up” made me look like I was wearing a t-shirt.  So long dress! You will be missed.

IMG_7676 IMG_7665

I just hope that by the end of this week the weather will be amicable and that a photographer will be available this weekend.

 Ossie took these photos!

One Love, Natasha


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