Michael Kors Launches Watch Hunger Stop


There is a secret rule somewhere that bloggers are supposed to own certain things. One of those things is a Michael Kors oversized statement watch. I think I might be one of the only bloggers who DON’T actually own one of these. I mean it’s a really nice statement piece and even at its $250 price tag, it’s still affordable. However, I honestly didn’t jump on the bandwagon because, well, just about everyone has one. I think this feed the hunger campaign that he launched with the United Nations might give me enough incentive to at least add it to my wish list this year though.

Next month (March 2013) Kors will launch two unisex watch styles for the “Watch Hunger Stop” campaign. Each watch sold will allow the World Food Program to feed 100 children. The two styles will retail for $295 – $325. There will also be a text-to-donate initiative as another way for individuals to support the campaign if they don’t want to purchase the watch.

Photo: via JustLuxe.com

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