TLC’s “What Not To Wear” is Signing Off

Clinton Kelly from TLC's "What Not To Wear"



I became a fan of What Not to Wear after accidentally stumbling on the show way back when it was hosted by Brit’s Trinny and Susannah on BBC America.  At first I was appalled at the antics that they used to help women to refine and define their style but all was forgiven by the end of the show when the women emerged polished, pretty and stylish.

I was thrilled when TLC came up with their own version here in the States which was hosted by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. Together, they helped hundreds of women and a few men transform their style from frump to chic.

I watched WNTW faithfully for years. As a matter of fact, WNTW is still on my list of programs on my DVR. I also picked up (and I am sure most viewers did too)  a lot of style tips from Clinton and Stacy which helped me to develop my own style.  However, after a successful 10-year run, What Not to Wear  will not be returning to TLC next season.

Mary Ellen Fillo, blogger and Hartford Courant columnist made the announcement on her blog yesterday afternoon.  Read: My TLC “What Not to Wear” Is Going Off the Air?!!!

The final episodes of What Not To Wear will air through this summer.

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