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What I Wore: Red Sweater and Brown Wide Leg Pants

I am not a big fan of dry cleaning clothes mainly because of the expense and past experience. The last time I brought a load to the cleaners, I forked over $60 plus and when I got home and unveiled my clothes from under the plastic, it was covered in cat hair. Long, orange, blondish ones that were very familiar (I have an orange, blondish long haired cat). After mounting a protest, I got my money back, but I was turned off by the discovery that my clothes weren’t “washed” in the way I imagined. There was no water, detergent and suds. Instead, that particular cleaners run their clothes through some kind of steamer.

I realize now that most “dry” cleaning is done this way, but I have a steamer at home and I figured, if that’s all they really do, then I would just steam my clothes myself.  Of course, I have not, instead I have been throwing my “dry clean only” stuff in with my regular wash.  Some of my pieces have started showing signs of “home cared” as a result though and I thought it was time to start throwing some money in the direction of my local cleaners (of course, not the same company who couldn’t even bother to use a lint brush or at the least tape to humor me).  

First into the dry cleaners was a blue and cream Ralph Lauren dress that became saturated with foundation after its debut night out. On my way into the cleaners, I grabbed this thrifted Ann Taylor pants that I had tied up in a plastic bag in the trunk of my car. (BTW, I always do this when I buy second hand stuff. In my mind, it keeps any potential creepy crawlies outside of my home).  Boy was I surprised when I picked both pieces last week. The foundation was gone from the dress, but more impressive than the disappearing makeup was the pants. Not sure what they did, but these pants went from shabby to chic with a $6.50 investment.

IMG_1487 IMG_1488 IMG_1492

 What I Wore:

I wore this outfit to work on Monday. The fabric of the pants is heavy, but I wanted to get one wear out of it before the weather became warmer.  

Sweater: Red 3/4 sleeve sweater from H&M | Pants: Ann Taylor Pants thrifted from Goodwill | Shoes: Isola Balta heels from Marshalls | Accessories: Gold link chain from Frugal Finds NYC, faux gold watch from Francesca’s Collection 

Ossie took these photos!

XoXo, Natasha

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  1. Love love love this look!
    Kinda wish I was in a business field just so I could wear clothes like this!!!!!!

    • Thanks Shannan! Well, there is a good reason that nurses are required to wear scrubs. There is always after work and weekends that you can wear whatever you like.

  2. unless it’s a super delicate fabric, all of my dry clean only stuff gets washed in cold water on the gentle cycle. i make it a point now to never buy anything with special handling instructions. for the things i do have, i found a very good and inexpensive “one price only” cleaners. i can get about ten pieces done for around $30. ok…i thought i was the only one who doesn’t allow thrift finds to cross-contaminate my knowingly germ free stuff?! that’s funny. your wide leg pants look good on you!
    miss donna recently posted..fashion blogging lessons | break the rulesMy Profile

    • Lord, I certainly hope people don’t pick up thrift stuff and just immediately mix it into their collections. There are certain parasites that can’t survive long if they don’t have a human host, but things like bed bugs, ticks, roaches and other creepy crawlies sure can. I need to see if I can find a cleaners near me that offers this. The pants were $6.50, but the dress was $12 and change. That adds up REAL fast.

  3. Love the red top! Red is a great color on you! It’s amazing what a great dry cleaner can do. A nice crisp pleat always makes pants look great (and elongates the leg!).
    Bonnie recently posted..What My Mom Taught Me – A Mother’s Day TributeMy Profile

    • Hi Bonnie. I have never been a fan of pleats. When I iron my pants at home, it’s always front and back. However, I actually love the way that the pleats look on these pants. You are right, it does elongate the leg. (-:

  4. I am also a dry cleaner-phob for these very reasons! I am glad you found one that works well for you! These pants look great on you and I am very glad to see you blogging again!
    Frannie Pantz recently posted..Share the Covers–SatisfactionMy Profile

    • Thanks Robin. I have been clueless all these years about how the dry cleaning industry works. I was quite impressed though with the work that they did on the pants. I am glad to be back blogging also. I lost my blogging mojo there for a bit, but I am feeling inspired again. (-: