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My Review of Pantene Pro-V for Relaxed Hair

The new Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed and Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural collections feature ingredients specially chosen for your unique hair needs. Whether you rock a relaxed ‘do or a natural look, you can plan on a great hair day. Thanks to Pantene for sponsoring this post!


I’ve been doing my own hair at home, in between my relaxers, so I can save for my trip.  Lately, it seemed that my cat and I were running a competition as far as hair shedding (breaking) was concerned. After a single pass with a brush or comb, a “concerning” amount of hair, would unhinge and make its way to my sink or bathroom floor. When this happened in the past, I made an appointment for a hair cut, but I am trying to grow my hair and cutting it is not an option.

I was just beginning to experiment with various products and home made remedies when I learned about the opportunity to try  Pantene Pro-V products that were specially formulated for relaxed hair. I don’t remember any claims about breaking hair, but all the same, I gave it a go.

Pantene Pro-V Truly Relaxed

The un-boxing revealed four different products:

  • Light Weight Shampoo with coconut and jojoba oil ($4.99) claims to gently cleanse hair without weighing it down.
  • Intense Moisturizing Shampoo with coconut and jojoba oil ($6.99) claims to clean and help restore moisture to relaxed hair.
  • Moisturizing Conditioner with coconut and jojoba oil ($6.99) claims to moisturize relaxed hair without unwanted weight.
  • Oil Creme Moisturizer with coconut and jojoba oil ($7.99) claims to deeply moisturize and shines.

What I liked


  • All of the products have a flowery smell that wasn’t too overpowering while I was washing my hair and was not very noticeable after. 
  • My hair usually tangles when I wash it. I always have to comb the tangles out after applying conditioner which subsequently leads to more breakage. To my surprise, a comb through was not required when I used these products.
  • I wash my hair once a week and it usually gets stale after day 3. Stale as in, my hair starts to smell a little funky, stale. However, I was able to get through the entire week with my hair smelling clean.
  • Finally, after 3 consecutive washes, I noticed less breakage. I think the addition of the jojoba oil and coconut oil in the shampoo, conditioner and finishing cream provided moisturizing that I obviously wasn’t getting from the other products that I was using.

What I didn’t like


  • I really wish a setting lotion or mousse was included with this line. In lieu of blow drying, I set my hair using magnetic rollers and prefer to use setting lotion or mousse. 
  • I preferred the final results after using the lightweight shampoo vs. the moisturizing one.
  • My hair didn’t have that bounce, or snap back effect (shake my head and it falls back in place) with the products.

Quick tip on the oil cream moisturizer.

Just don’t squeeze a dime size amount and then apply it over your whole head in one swipe. I part my hair into small sections and work it into my hair from root to tips.  I also wrap my hair every night and cover it with a silk scarf before going to bed at night.

I love this line and this is something that I would definitely buy once my samples run empty.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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