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Why Use Social Media?

I wouldn’t normally post something like this on my site because although it incorporates technology it has nothing to do with style and in essence its an advert. However, I’ve been involved with a lot of non-profit organizations here in Connecticut (especially Caribbean based organizations) and I noticed that  most of them are not harnessing the power of social media and are not utilizing the platform to market their programs, events, or causes.  Hopefully, this will inspire those leaders to incorporate this new media platform in their campaigns so that they can reach a broader and more diverse audience.  So for my Connecticut massive, this one is for you.
Selling Social: How Companies Are Connecting with Social Media

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  1. I’m astounded at the number of companies that should have a facebook and/or twitter presence, and don’t.

    • @Bonnie in my community the primary platform for advertising are still FLYERS, mailers and old but very effective word of mouth! Social media is one of the equalizers that many organizations have available to them but no one wants to make the time to learn how to use it effectively. I am saddened by the reality of this.

      • The oblivious companies will be forced to take notice of social media. It will be their own pockets that will feel the pinch as they watch competitors flourish using “new” marketing methods. Ignore the trends at your peril!
        BTW, the social media infographic you shared was killer! Thanks for sharing Natasha.